338. The climate of lies
338. The climate of lies

338. The climate of lies

Wroclaw/Poland 12/18/2022

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While the freezing citizen sorely misses the announced “global warming” because he cannot pay his heating bills, supporters of the climate sect continue to fantasize about the end of the world.

This was the introduction to a December 15, 2022 article on Report24.news entitled: Climate Emergency? Guardian: Two million years ago, the Arctic was up to 19 degrees warmer than it is today.

This illustration provided by researchers depicts Kap København, Greenland, 2m years ago. Photograph: Beth Zaiken/AP Source.

Two-million-year-old DNA from northern Greenland has revealed that the region was once home to mastodons, lemmings and geese, offering unprecedented insights into how climate change can shape ecosystems.

The breakthrough in ancient DNA analysis pushes back the DNA record by 1m years to a time when the Arctic region was 11-19C warmer than the present day. The analysis reveals that the northern peninsula of Greenland, now a polar desert, once featured boreal forests of poplar and birch trees teeming with wildlife. The work offers clues to how species might adapt, or be genetically engineered, to survive the threat of rapid global heating.

Two million years ago, was industry or diesel engines the cause of global warming? The mainstream Guardian newspaper does not mention it. The extinct species Homo erectus lived in Africa, Europe and Asia between 1.9 million and 70,000 years ago. And he lived in caves, not necessarily in the way the series movie: The Flintstones jokingly portrayed.

So there was no polluting industry. There had to be some other reason for the rise in temperature. Maybe someone taxed the mastodons not to breathe excessively to prevent excess carbon dioxide production? They were probably the most important source of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is necessary for flora. The earth’s ecosystem would not survive to this day if someone somehow managed to reduce the amount of CO2 necessary for plants to exist.

Even today, despite human arrogance, we are practically unable to influence the climate through wastefully developed industries. We’ve polluted this beautiful world terribly – it’s true – but neither industry nor cars have much of an impact on carbon dioxide levels. And this has no influence on the warming of the earth. Carbon dioxide is a colorless gas and heavier than air, so it is only found near the ground where it can be used by plants.

In Northeastern Russia, in the Republic of Yakutia, Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk are the coldest inhabited places on earth. On Monday, the thermometer showed below minus 60 degrees for the first time in ten years. With about 500 inhabitants, Oimjakon is situated at an altitude of 741 meters above sea level. In February 1933, the temperature in Oymyakon reached minus 67.7 degrees Celsius for the first time. Source: Telegram 17/12/22 12:47.

Interesting observation on global warming.

Global warming is a terrible thing. We must protect ourselves and not emit any CO2. Great idea! Well, if the climate gets warmer, I won’t burn in the kiln in the winter and produce CO2. Electric heaters are becoming less or even useless… So what’s wrong? Are you ready for “global warming” and the announced 10-20 cm of snow this week? Source: Telegram 12/17/2022 09:52 am.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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