395. Storming the Capitol
395. Storming the Capitol

395. Storming the Capitol

Vienna 03/08/2023

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More than two years ago, on January 6, 2021, a large demonstration against electoral fraud in the USA took place in Washington. At that time the symbolic conquest of the Bastille took place. It is difficult to compare the Capitol building to a heavy prison in Paris, and the capture itself, though not without casualties, was heavily inflated. However, the symbolism of this engineered attack to discredit voices opposing apparent large-scale electoral fraud is clearly visible. For two years, the media, mostly in the US, broadcast scenes of crowds “attacking” the American Parliament.

In February of this year, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave well-known FoxNews host Tucker Carlson all available surveillance footage of events in and around Washington that day.

One would hardly expect that a TV network that has been churning out propaganda about the plandemic along with CNN, the New York Times, or the Washington Post would have proclaimed Joe Biden President of the United States before the counted rigged votes would honestly get to work go and review over 40,000 hours of footage to prove their own lies.

Nevertheless, a video appeared on YouTube yesterday that differs significantly from the hitherto unanimous propaganda.

Because of this propaganda spectacle, which has been known since January 6, numerous arrests have been made among Donald Trump supporters. The courts imposed prison sentences of up to seven and a half years. Former police sergeant Thomas Robertson has been sentenced to such a long prison term for taking part in the protests. He was accused in court of using the knowledge gained during police training to block the actions of police officers.

Now, security cameras in the Capitol are revealing that security forces were supporting Arizona Navy veteran Jacob Chansley, dressed as a Viking.

Since 2020 there has been a trend of storming parliaments. The scenario is always similar. In Berlin, the Reichstag gains consisted of reducing the number of police officers guarding this building for the day, posting a television crew on the adjacent Chancellery roof waiting to capture the most dramatic scenes, and sending several provocateurs to oversee the Reichstag sought out protesters at the time to “take power”.

Even more foolish was the Austrian Minister of the Interior – now Chancellor Karl Nehammer, who had personally stormed the attempt by two passers-by to storm the Austrian Parliament. The building was being renovated at the time and these passers-by thronged the site hoping to reach the toilet…

In 2019, the US spent $732 billion on defense. And the Capitol was taken over by a buffalo man.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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