394. Nattokinase – Spike protein detox
394. Nattokinase – Spike protein detox

394. Nattokinase – Spike protein detox

Vienna 03/07/2023

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We are divided About supporters of war and peace, about those loyal to the official media and about those who willingly read news that does not conform to the mainstream media consensus. We were divided into vaccinated and unvaccinated. Divisions extend across all social classes and cause a lack of understanding even among the closest family members. At work, at school, on the street – almost everywhere.

As I was writing about the tragic effects of this dangerous gene therapy, giving examples of fatal cases, I came across a comment like this: “It’s good for him, why did he take that crap”! Such a cruel attitude only assures these people of the correctness of the decision made. Blaming crime victims for not being able to withstand the pressure strong enough in this way can only deepen divisions. Such an approach is tantamount to supporting criminals.

They divide us because they fear us – together we have too much power to allow them to control us. They need to isolate us from the group so we can’t organize ourselves and face the madness of world war by a handful of self-proclaimed elites with the rest of the world.

Each of us, even if we didn’t give in to the pressure, knows many people who have taken the preparation. For them, Japanese scientists studied the effects of nattokinase – an enzyme produced by fermenting soybeans with Bacillus subtilis bacteria and available over the counter – as an oral dietary supplement. For more information, see The Epoch Times Holy Grail of COVID-19 Spike Protein Detoxification.

I have no medical training – the law prohibits me from recommending the use of medicinal preparations. However, I can inform about published scientific discoveries. If I were the vaccinated person, I would seek advice from a trusted naturopath. I wouldn’t turn down a doctor’s help entirely, although I wouldn’t turn to someone who urges patients to take a dose of mRNA. There are also doctors who offer further doses of this weapon of mass destruction.

I’m not a medical expert.
But that doesn’t mean you can test any inventions on me.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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