393. A scam from half a century ago
393. A scam from half a century ago

393. A scam from half a century ago

Vienna 03/06/2023

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In January 2022 I published an article about soft landing on the moon. I have presented a series of errors that indicate that no human has ever appeared on our only natural satellite.

You can watch the video on YouTube: Wikileaks released moon landing cut scenes filmed in Nevada desert. When YouTube removes this video, which is very likely, you can watch it on this server. In the video, the operator’s voice can be heard saying that the blue sky is preventing him from filming the “moonscape” scenes. Note the American flag waving in the lunar wind (minute 4:15 in the video and several times later) – the wind on the moon where there is no air?

Two helicopters light up the setting of this modern day fairy tale.
Oh, those filmmakers – they’re everywhere, even on the moon!
The slow movements of the “cosmonauts” are best filmed in the water environment – hence the rising air bubbles.
Video from the camera filming the landing (minute 9:35) on the moon provided to NASA, probably by the Silver Sphere’s lawful occupants.

And who else should be surprised that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is considered a criminal in the US because he threatens vital US interests by publishing such documents. America’s greatest enemy is its own government.

It’s not worth cheating because a lie will always come out.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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