392. Troll attack
392. Troll attack

392. Troll attack

Vienna 03/05/2023

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Troll – a mischievous spirit from Scandinavian fairy tales. That’s how I would define this character in my own words. She would remain a figure of the ancient faith were it not for modern technology. Today, thanks to social media like Facebook, the image of the troll has become a well-known phenomenon. You’ll find them in the comments that all trolls have in common: they’re mean. The second fundamental feature of this group is the lack of any meaningful arguments. Most of the time, the content they provide is the undeniable truth because they believe so.

Not all trolls are paid by George Soros, although he is, and getting such a grant is not difficult. “It is important that the direction is right,” crowed the propaganda of the Warsaw Pact bloc. So I appeal to the volunteer trolls: you want money? Turning to Soros – let the totalitarian ruthless old man go bankrupt.

For example, I’ll show you a troll in action. In my last article published in On Polish Facebook, the following post appeared:

Everything is correct, Elvis Presley is alive, the WTC was blown up by the Americans, there are chemtrails, etc. There will always be people who will swallow it.

This is one of the most commonly used trolling techniques. We type in a made-up theorem intended to ridicule the opponent, add a few topics, throw them in a common bag labeled “complete nonsense” and that’s it. It doesn’t matter that you won’t find anything about Elvis Presley in my entire blog among almost 400 entries. You can check it out by downloading a free eBook with all of my previous articles. Just press CTRL-F and enter the search word: Presley. You will find it, yes, but only in today’s article.

What is all this for? The answer to this question is simple: discredit the author without engaging in an exchange of arguments. The latter is doomed to the total failure of the troll. He simply has no justification for his position.

In addition, trolls have another characteristic: they are lazy. They don’t want to read texts that they love to criticize. If that weren’t the case, then the Necker depicted in this example would put in his bag something from my article, in which I argue that the soft landing on the moon was a Hollywood-made Earth party – made in NASA. And it would fit in this bag. Well, laziness doesn’t pay.

Mean troll. Don’t feed the trolls.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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