353. Soft landing on the moon?
353. Soft landing on the moon?

353. Soft landing on the moon?

Wroclaw/Poland 01/09/2023

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When in July 1969, while on vacation in Mielno/Poland on the Baltic Sea, I saw a television broadcast of the landing of the first man on the moon, I would not have thought that it could be a case of deception. I only encountered such an interpretation in the 1990s and, like most sober people, I firmly rejected it. Correct? I still don’t know.

When information about the missing data rolls for the moon landing emerged in 2016, the first doubts about the moon landing arose.

Apollo 11 Moon Landing Shot in Studio – Behind-the-Scenes Shooting with Nazi Scientist Wernher von Braun and Director Stanley Kubrick.

On January 27, 1967, during the Apollo 1 flight sim, problems arose from the start. The communication system of the capsule in which the cosmonauts were seated failed. Moments later, a flame appeared inside the capsule. All three cosmonauts died. Commander Guss Grissom has repeatedly criticized NASA’s space program and its implementation. The commander’s widow, Betty Grissom, believes NASA is not telling the truth about the cause of the accident. The causes of the fire have not yet been clarified. The Apollo 1 capsule is located on a military base and cannot be accessed. Videos from later Apollo missions are also unavailable. In 2006, NASA reported that it could not find 14,000 strips of film documenting the moon landing.

A total of 10 astronauts died between 1964 and 1967. That was 15 percent of all NASA cosmonauts. To cover up and conceal a lie, you have to remove anyone who might spread it, said Bill Keysing, a NASA engineer.

The temperature on the moon ranges from minus 250°C in the shade to plus 250°C in the sun. Space suits made for NASA in the 1960s did not provide adequate thermal protection for astronauts.

For those interested, I suggest they search the silver orb themselves and look at the Apollo landing sites. Just go to this page and in the top left box enter the coordinates of landing sites for individual missions. It is important not to overlook the minus sign, otherwise you will end up on the opposite side of the equator or prime meridian.

Apollo11 0.67414, 23.47314
Apollo12 -3.01239, -23.42157
Apollo14 -3.64530, -17.47136
Apollo15 26.1322, 3.6339
Apollo16 -8.97301, 15.50019
Apollo17 20.1908, 30.7717

In the upper right corner you will find a zoom (+/-) that allows you to enlarge the image up to a scale of about 50m per cm of the screen. Maybe you can find some garbage left by humans? I didn’t find anything apart from a few lines that might as well have been added when editing the moon images.

Quite by accident, NASA lost 14,000 tapes of footage of the Apollo program. Have they checked the lost property office yet?

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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