354. The truth about the climate
354. The truth about the climate

354. The truth about the climate

Wroclaw/Poland 01/10/2023

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Some of you will probably be surprised to read that a newspaper like the Wall Street Journal can write the truth about climate fraud. Read the article: How to Manufacture a Climate Consensus.

The explanation for this phenomenon is time. This article was published in December 2009, at a time when media manipulation was rampant, but journalists were still allowed to publish articles that clearly contradicted the current propaganda direction. Today, publishing in this style is tantamount to the immediate dismissal of such a journalist if he manages to smuggle in such content.

The best example is the video I linked in the article Soft landing on the moon. This Spiegel TV documentary was only shown once on VOX and once on WDR, after which the producer (Gerhard Wisnewski, a German director) lost his job and the document disappeared from all media libraries and public television archives.

This is what environmentalists’ victory over global warming will look like. Source.

Ecologists fight bravely against the destruction of the environment. In the second and ninth districts of Vienna they stopped a global climate catastrophe last week by stabbing the tires of cars parked on the street. Source: Telegram 1/9/2023 17:01

In a recent incident in Vienna, an accident only ended lightly through great luck, as a passer-by narrowly escaped a vehicle that spun out of control due to insufficient tire pressure. Two suspects were arrested. They said they were unaware that what they did would be considered criminal damage. Ignorance does not protect against punishment, but whether the climate criminals will really be convicted remains uncertain. So far, climate adhesives have regularly been able to look forward to extremely mild sentences with small fines.

Gina McCarthy, the Environmental Protection Agency chief and White House adviser, admits she doesn’t know how much CO2 emissions are actually in the atmosphere. They spread false propaganda to induce behavior change. This has nothing to do with the climate. Source: Telegram 1/8/2023 15:44.

This video shows how much this “expert” knows about carbon emissions into the atmosphere:

Answer by Gina McCarthy.

Such experts advise the president of what is still the most powerful country in the world – the USA. No wonder this empire is doomed.

We can expect more lockdowns to be introduced under the pretext of ecology.

In the photo, a call for help – SOS – in connection with the “Spanish” flu. Technology has changed in the last 100 years. However, the methods of manipulation and fear propaganda have not changed.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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