352. Covid vaccinations are an act of war
352. Covid vaccinations are an act of war

352. Covid vaccinations are an act of war

Wroclaw/Poland 01/08/2023

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Investigative US journalists researched that the US Department of Defense DOD controlled the so-called “Covid vaccinations” from the beginning as part of the “National Security Program” as an act of war against an enemy attack. It was completely irrelevant whether the vaccines were safe and effective. The public was fooled into quality controls as part of an information campaign, and silencing critics was part of the operation. Quote from Report24 article. Source.

Sasha Latypova, born in Ukraine and residing in the USA, is just one of the investigative journalists mentioned above with many years of practice in the field of research and safety control of pharmaceutical products.

On Sasha Latypova’s website you can find many documents, most often contracts from the US Department of Defense DoD Pfizer-BioNTech is actually a three-way R&D alliance: Fosun-Pfizer-BioNTech, and one of those three is the Chinese Communist Party. Fosun is a huge Chinese conglomerate that owns a large number of global companies. Its president, Gou Guangchang, is a very high-ranking member of the CCP. Interestingly, the US Department of Defense awarded $10 billion (Pfizer Operation Warp Speed/DoD/BARDA contract) to a company whose major owner of capital (and intellectual property) is the Chinese Communist Party. To clear up any doubts:

More and more interesting facts are coming to the surface. These documents clearly show China-US cooperation in creating a dangerous virus in laboratories and creating a global pandemic. Since the virus was made in China, we have what we have. An unstable product, the most important feature of which is its psychological effect, i.e. fear. The latter has been successfully covered by the world’s media and politicians.

But, I am vaccinated and I even took a booster! That’s right, my friend, and I am the mild course of the disease.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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