216. Who are the globalists?
216. Who are the globalists?

216. Who are the globalists?

Vienna 5/16/2022

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The Malone Institute recently released the most comprehensive list of World Economic Forum alumni to date.

I have written many times, when analyzing the causes of the crisis in the world, that the globalists are behind it. We already know Mr. Klaus Schwab and his threat: You will all be happy because you will not have anything of your own.

After reading Mr. Schwab’s work, a fat book detailing how the big reset would work, I felt more weary than informed. The Great Reset is his term to start the process of building a new world order and world government from the ground up. A “brave new world” in which there is no room for individualism, personal freedom. It’s a technocratic vision of the future nightmare, which he calls “the bliss of mankind.”

In numerous discussions I have encountered accusations that I use the word “globalists” without specifying who these people are. The accusation is entirely justified. That’s why I decided to create a page on this platform where I will introduce you to these globalists. Today, as usual, the Young Global Leaders website is ready in three languages.

There you will find both photos and a short description of over a thousand people with links to their social media. I’m also constantly learning. It just struck me today that the former President of Poland and the former Prime Minister of Poland were also trained at the WEF.

I invite you to read the Young Global Leaders page.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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