379. A gigantic lie
379. A gigantic lie

379. A gigantic lie

Wroclaw/Poland 02/15/2023

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A gigantic lie – as Christine Anderson, MEP for Germany’s AfD party, called the public health concerns of the majority of governments in countries that promote the supremacy of Western policies and “values” that are being talked about less and less. Have these values failed the test of modern history? Or are they perhaps just an excuse to act against the ideas being preached?

A video of her parliamentary speech surfaced on YouTube today. In case of YouTube censorship, I saved this video on the server.

We all know by now that people have been lied to. It was a huge lie. Everything governments, especially in Western democracies, have done, depriving people of their civil rights, their liberties, locking them in their homes and imposing curfews was based on this lie. Everything was based on one gigantic lie.

As you’ve probably heard, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is now coming under well-deserved criticism. People have a right to know what was in the contracts and what information she gave and received in text messages from Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. Citizens need to know who to hold accountable for what’s happening behind the scenes. And now everything changes. The house of cards is collapsing and rightly so.

And one more thing: I’m sick of being called a Covididiot, I’d rather be a COV idiot than a GOV idiot. Because that’s the government that all these people blindly trust… Because all the people who blindly trusted their government became that way. I’ll say it again: this was never, never, never about public health. It was never about breaking any waves. It was always about breaking people.

However – and this is good news – they failed! It did not work. And I’m very proud of it. I’m proud of the people I’m allowed to represent. I’ll keep doing that. Thanks very much.

This speech goes perfectly with the title of my blog: World-scam. When I was thinking about my domain name (world-scam.com) two years ago, I consciously rejected the use of the word Corona. I knew that the fashion for this disease would pass. It took another year. Now I would have to gradually change the name to Ukraine, monkeypox, balloons, insects or UFOs. All these words are part of the same scam all over the world. Their purpose is to instill fear in us. A man who is scared agrees to even the most absurd proposals to save him.

That’s why he writes about the futility of using spy balloons when you have much better spy satellites that are invisible to humans. Nor am I suggesting that the existence of unidentified flying objects – UFOs – is the result of the overactive imagination of observers. I just do not know. What I do know is that aliens will not synchronize their visits to Earth with current US political issues.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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