378. The agony of a great empire
378. The agony of a great empire

378. The agony of a great empire

Wroclaw/Poland 02/14/2023

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Some of you may be surprised by this title. We are used to US hegemony and it is not easy to even think that it could be otherwise. We are witnessing the fall of this empire. Not as a state – the USA will most likely survive the world crisis, to which this country has contributed a large part with its financial and war policies.

Thomas Cole – The Destruction of an Empire (1836).

We cannot escape the second law of thermodynamics, which says that entropy conquers everything and that all systems degrade and disintegrate over time. And the more complex a system becomes, the more energy is required to maintain it. The larger and more complex a system is, the more interconnected and interdependent it is, the more vulnerable it is to collapse and catastrophic failure. This also applies to countries and civilizations. A quote from an article in UncutNews.ch: The Fall of an Empire: Parallels Between America and Rome. Source.

Don’t worry, we won’t analyze the entropy principle here, it’s just an example of how our world works. In short, any system fails when it consumes more energy than it produces. No other country in the world has as much debt as the USA. The United States has long been threatened with bankruptcy.

A country likely to buy stratospheric balloons from China because they’re cheaper and not worth throwing money on devices that are then shot down to media attention, a country blowing up an underwater gas pipeline owned, among other things, by allies, a Country causing an earthquake in an ally killing tens of thousands. The country that has unleashed the most wars in the history of the world must somehow finance these “epochal” events.

All countries in the world, and more specifically their governments, use lies for short-term political purposes. The US is based almost entirely on lies.

Warning from the German embassy in the American press in May 1915 not to board the Lusitania to Europe.
Truman quoted in item 2 of the list below.
  1. World War I: The RMS Lusitania, a British battleship sunk by a German U-boat in May 1915. 1,200 people died on board. people, including 128 Americans. This event was the main pretext for America’s entry into the war, contrary to President Woodrow Wilson’s campaign promises. Even the German embassy warned against traveling with the Lusitania in 50 advertisements in the USA. A quote from the book “Fremdbestimmt” by the German historian Thorsten Schulte;
  2. World War II: “If we see Germany is wining, we ought to help Russia and if Russia is wining we ought to help Germany and at this way let them kill as many as possible.” Senator Harry S. Truman, New York Times, 6/24/1941, page 7. Quoting from the book “Fremdbestimmt”. Harry S. Truman Vice President of the USA from January 1945 and President of the USA after Roosevelt’s death in May 1945. On his orders, two planes with nuclear bombs were sent to Japan…
  3. According to Polish Wikipedia, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was the official reason for US entry into the Vietnam War. Gulf events historian Howard Zinn argues that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a provocation and the highest American authorities lied to the public, as they did with the Kennedy invasion of Cuba. In fact, the CIA was conducting a covert operation in the region targeting North Vietnamese offshore military installations, so the Vietnamese attack on an American ship was not “unjustified”. In addition, the destroyer Maddox was not at all on a “routine patrol”, but took part in a spy mission, and moreover, the incident did not occur in international waters, but already in Vietnamese territorial waters. Civilian casualties during the Vietnam War totaled 2 million dead;
  4. The incubator lie convinced the US public and politicians that Iraqi soldiers are evil. Hearing before Congress of a young Kuwaiti resident who recounted the crimes committed by the occupiers in her country. However, it later emerged that it was a hoax and that the woman was the daughter of Kuwait’s ambassador to the US, who had concealed her identity.

I will not list all dishonest moves by the US government here. The list goes on and on, like killing 4,000 of its own citizens at the World Trade Center just to be able to wage a 20-year “war on terror” in Afghanistan. Note that all of these deceptions had one goal: to convince the public that the war was being planned.

What do these lies have to do with the fall of the American empire? They are merely a manifestation of the ruthless foreign policy that has led the United States to its current weakness. The huge amounts of weapons left behind in Afghanistan and the shipping of the remnants of the Pentagon’s military resources to Ukraine at the expense of the EU have led to the United States running out of ammunition for its toys, which are incorrectly labeled as weapons. Guns are for defense, and the US has never faced any external threats. The greatest enemy of the United States is its own government.

The most likely candidate to take over world leadership from the US is China. Is that actually a better solution, remains to be seen?

Before and after the introduction of democracy by the USA.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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