325. The war is ending
325. The war is ending

325. The war is ending

Wroclaw / Poland 11/22/2022

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While the US is holding talks with Russia in Turkey to set negotiating positions for a peace in Ukraine, the Ukrainian President in Kherson has hinted at an end to the war. Admittedly, he set ridiculous conditions: the return of Crimea and the Donbass republics, and indictment of Russian generals and, of course, Putin himself, for war crimes, most of which he himself ordered from his generals.

Apparently, the Republican takeover of the US Congress has changed White House policy on the war in Ukraine. Funding for this war will end and consequently Ukraine will no longer receive arms from the US. Congress will pass into Republican hands in January 2023. Biden’s Democrats have already decided to end Zelensky’s tyranny and force him to negotiate with Russia. Surely a year ago they promised him NATO support and now they don’t need him for anything anymore.

How do I know all this? From an interview – from an article about Polish soldiers in the Ukrainian army – by the well-known American judge Neapolitano with former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter. The video of this interview was posted on YouTube last Thursday.


An interesting thread in this discussion is the question of a missile fired by the Ukrainian army that killed two people in Poland – a country that belongs to NATO. Scott Ritter is convinced that this incident was previously agreed with the Polish government, as well as with the authorities of three Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Immediately after this tragedy, these four countries demanded NATO’s entry into the war because one of the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was under attack. Probably because all these countries are not on the Atlantic Ocean, their authorities had no idea that NATO was tracking the path of this missile from the moment it was launched from Ukrainian territory.

Under pressure from Washington and when the serial number of the S300 missile was already known, these four countries withdrew from participating in the joint provocation – only Mr. Zelensky remained rigid and, against all logic, claimed that the missile was launched by Russia. We know such lies from other situations, but I was really shocked by Herr Ritter’s claim that the whole operation was only possible in cooperation with the Polish radar troops. I find it hard to believe, because the moral question aside, it would follow that an attack with such missiles, considered the best in the world in the 1980s, is only possible with the participation of the victim in the attack.

It seems that the US will press Zelenskiy to negotiate with Russia. The CIA knows exactly what to do with politicians who disobey the US…

No fear. It’s just democracy falling from the sky.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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