46. What happened to the world?
46. What happened to the world?

46. What happened to the world?

Vienna 10/29/2020

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You are probably fed up with all the statistics, evidence for and against, and the coronavirus itself. We all feel that way.
Still, I dare to make a comparison. What is the situation like in the five selected countries? These are Austria, Belarus, Germany, Poland and Sweden.


This information comes from this website.

Three countries: Austria, Germany and Poland do much worse in this comparison than Belarus and Sweden. What could be the reason for this?
Perhaps the measures in these three countries are a “threat” and in the other two countries the absence of such restrictions is protecting society?
Everyone should think about it for themselves.

In my first chapter on March 30th, I wrote: “I am against the claims that a group of people wants to take over the world.”.

Today I believe on the contrary – there is a group of people who want to submit all of humanity so that we can obey their commands.
If, as I first thought, it was a scam on a global scale, it would be a bit of a problem for us. But there is more to it than that. It’s about power over the world.
In addition to the 11 facts that were presented in the chapter on “Conspiracy Practice” in June, new information comes from Paul Schreyer’s book “Chronicle of an announced crisis. How a virus could change the world”.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the high-ranking American military felt threatened. They knew they were no longer necessary.
At this point, the media began to raise the issue of the exaggerated threat of terrorism.
I don’t know whether the attack on the World Trade Center was supported by the CIA, although there are some who say they have evidence of it.
In any case, civil liberties in the USA were already severely restricted under the pretext of counter-terrorism.
An organization was founded 20 years ago in the USA, initially under the name Center of Civilian Biodefense Studies (from 1998 to 2013), then under the Center for Heath Security.
This organization was the driving force behind the planemia exercises I have described for Event 201, a few weeks before the pandemic was announced.
Similar exercises have been carried out every two years since 2001.

I recommend the book.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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