15. Why am I not afraid of the virus?
15. Why am I not afraid of the virus?

15. Why am I not afraid of the virus?

Vienna 5/23/2020

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Don’t worry, I’m not going to pull out old bullets like “more people are dying of flu,” “there’s no evidence that this virus is harmful.”

These would be arguments that work on the logical left side of the brain. You calm down, but rather briefly. In a moment there are doubts, what if the horror TV scenes are true?
What if I’m just wrong? Making mistakes is even inscribed in human history.

There is one person, my mentor, who is not completely unknown. I owe him my greatest success in about 20 last years. I have never met him personally, I have never been to one of his seminars and they were also organized in Vienna.
My mentor is Brian Tracy through books, mostly audio books.
His first book, which I came across in 1999, “Personal Leadership” in German, was heard by me more than twenty times.
Yes, I was not wrong, I heard this book most often when I traveled to Poland and back by car.

And what have I learned from these books? A skeptic would ask that. My answer could even offend him: read it yourself! And follow the advice!
But that’s really the best answer I can give him.

Still, I’ll try to show you what I’ve learned from these books.

First of all, a positive attitude towards life. Pessimists will show up here, but let’s ignore them, let them torment themselves and their surroundings.
This is their way of life. Why is this way so bad? At least because the pessimists experience a mistake that will occur twice. Once in stress that they cook for themselves and then in a reality that they have not avoided. And it’s not true that they were prepared for it. They weren’t at all. However, as Brian Tracy says, 80% of her predictions are not being met and the associated stress is still there.

Well, but that doesn’t explain why I’m not afraid of a pandemic. That’s right, because optimism is one of the many options that the author recommends. The advice that takes away my fear was much easier, at least for me.
I met this advice several times during a fear pandemic in the form of a joke:


Perhaps it is better not to take it literally, because then the first real victim of the coronavirus can appear, a passer-by.

I have taken this advice to heart. I haven’t really watched TV in twenty years.
And what has changed? A lot!
First of all, I gained a lot of time that I had previously spent watching TV. In the past, there has never been a day when I haven’t seen the main edition of the news.
It is much more important, however, that I am not exposed to political manipulation.
There are, of course, some drawbacks. For example, six months later, I received information that two countries, Romania and Bulgaria, had joined the European Union. This is a tragedy now!
Please do not misunderstand me. These countries are certainly not unimportant. Only the information alone about whether I can do it or not is irrelevant here.
Now I need to find out, but I can choose a source that has no biased comments. It cannot be avoided, but it can be reduced considerably.

Imagine this photo with the coffins of the coronavirus victims in Italy:


I received this photo with the message that this is fake news. Yes, the photography comes from Italy, but was taken in 2013 after a shipwreck with refugees.

I haven’t seen a pandemic TV show either. I saved myself a lot. And yet you won’t say I’m not informed, will you?

I also read the mainstream media on the Internet carefully. Interesting facts are also described there. And citing such sources makes them think more, but shows that I’m open to all reasonably logical views. I usually avoid comments. Even in a situation where I don’t know what to think about it.

Whether you continue to watch TV or not, it’s just your decision. I have nothing to do with it. I showed you my way. It turned out very well for me. What I would like to recommend are Brian Tracy’s books.
But … reading alone is just an introduction. You have to digest the meaning and implement it after adoption. It will be like the smoker who said: “there is nothing easier than quitting smoking, I do it every day!”

Author: Marek Wojcik

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