16. May you live in interesting times!
16. May you live in interesting times!

16. May you live in interesting times!

Vienna 5/31/2020

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This Chinese curse has become our reality.
Did Feng Menglong predict our pandemic back in the 17th century?
He didn’t have to, it’s just a philosophical metaphor of people’s common tendency towards a stable, orderly life.

As you can see, interesting times take away so hard built little stabilization.
We all have a legitimate desire to live in a safe and organized society.
The only question is, is it even possible? Nobody can guarantee that we will return home safely from work in the evening. I don’t want to trigger another pandemic of fear here, but these are the rules of our lives. There is no guarantee of job, health, love or just happiness.

It is not right to make fun of someone’s death. However, I would like to show how the statistics of the dead coronaviruses are generated.
An ambulance doctor should issue a death certificate to a person who was previously known to have a coronavirus.
Undecided, he calls his manager and asks him for advice.
“Write that he died of COVID-19!”
“But the dead man has a knife in his heart!”
“You say knife, write it down as an accompanying illness.”

Today I’m going to look at the activities of the second person on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. I don’t mention his name, he’s still widely known. He was a co-founder of Microsoft.
I found a film for you on the impact of a private person on WHO.
Ten years ago, this billionaire admitted to the Ted Talk program that the new vaccine „can reduce the population.”.
The foundation has been fighting for many years to reduce the overcrowding of the earth.
Maliciously saying that you should start managing such foundations.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been vaccinated in India and several African countries, causing infertility in many. The vaccine recipients were apparently not informed of these additional side effects.

Another quote: …Vaccines should not be distributed until governments agree to assume full responsibility for future claims in the event of adverse effects.

Isn’t it a perfect business model?
The foundation’s product is to be bought with taxpayers’ money, vaccinations must be mandatory. If there are complications, the manufacturer is not responsible, but the customer, the taxpayer.
It is estimated that around 10% of those vaccinated will experience side effects.According to the foundation’s goal of vaccinating over 7 billion people, there will be “only” 700 million unpleasant cases. But the others who are forced to be vaccinated will be happy.
The same foundation and exactly one of those dependent companies in the UK dealing with infectious diseases in animals became the owner of the coronavirus patent five years ago.


  • The WHO announced a coronavirus pandemic in February without any scientific basis.
  • The WHO is largely funded by pharmaceutical companies and the above-mentioned foundation.
  • Most countries in the world have adopted the WHO recommendations, introduced restrictions on liberties and a catastrophic economic blockade.
  • In all of these countries, governments relied on WHO information without verification.

That’s it…

Tomorrow, June 1st, I’ll be in the chapter World mortality statistics, add a new comparison of statistically predicted deaths in the world with actual deaths.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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