535. UN – the “benefits” of the 2030 Agenda
535. UN – the “benefits” of the 2030 Agenda

535. UN – the “benefits” of the 2030 Agenda

Ostrzeszów/Poland 09/26/2023

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What does the UN bring to the world community? Has it achieved the main objective stated in its charter? Does its Agenda 2030 promote peaceful societies? And which influence does the Rockefeller-family have on the UN? In this program, we take you on an exciting journey to the beginnings of this governmental organization and find out what it looks like under the cover of fine words and what we will face in the future if the actual goals of the 2030 Agenda are implemented. Source.

When I spent two days in besieged Sarajevo in May 1993 as part of a contract with the UN, I had a completely different image of the UN than I have today. The naive belief in the peaceful goals of the UN and the black-and-white image of this war in Yugoslavia propagated in the media – at that time the Serbs were the bad guys – was self-evident in the Western world. The fourth estate, the media, has done its insidious work perfectly.

It was only the plandemic in 2020 that opened more and more people’s eyes. We realized that something was wrong with our world. This slow process of awakening continues and the media’s lies are causing more and more people to seek information outside of official channels.

Alternative sources such as Kla.tv or the Austrian television AUF1 are bringing more and more light into the war-weary world that has been distorted by years of manipulation. Supported by contributions from its viewers, in September 2023, AUF1 became the first independent television in the world to broadcast its programs via satellite to a German-speaking audience. This makes it easier to reach the part of society that does not use the Internet.

The role of the United Nations in creating “sustainable development” in the world is to create and strengthen the structures of global governance across the planet. Like the WHO treaty, it serves to weaken the role of nation states in decision-making processes that affect us all.

Such images are created to convince us of the benefits of combating global warming. The goal of this fight is “sustainable development” for all countries. Really?

The construction of border walls is intended to temporarily prevent illegal migrants from entering countries with declining Western civilization. If civilization collapses, as we see every day in these countries’ policies coordinated by global forces, the same walls will prevent people from moving in the other direction in the future, towards the economically prosperous BRICS countries. Now we’re at the stage of ridiculing this new conspiracy theory that, like most others, will soon become a reality.

If a small portion of the U.S. military budget were devoted to adequate development assistance to the countries colonized and plundered by the West, we would not have to build these walls today that we will soon curse.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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