534. Successes on the Ukrainian front
534. Successes on the Ukrainian front

534. Successes on the Ukrainian front

Vienna 09/24/2023

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On the map published on the Anti-Spiegel platform, the territorial gains of the Ukrainian side are clearly marked in dark blue.

If we check the source of this information, we can conclude that it is typically Russian disinformation. Therefore, it would be better to refer to sources that are not tainted by Kremlin propaganda. The New York Times wrote a month ago that near 500,000 soldiers had been killed or wounded on both sides of the front. There will likely be those who question this message. Perhaps Russian agents have taken over the New York editorial office of this now little-read newspaper?

Odessa, mobilization. This is what recruiting looks like in Ukraine. Men are separated from their families while shopping on the street and given a ticket to certain death.
Source: Telegram January 10, 2023 2:35 p.m.

All people and all victims, regardless of their origins, are members of one family – the human family. This was announced by the Swiss historian and peace researcher Dr. Daniele Ganser of the whole world. Our relatives are victims of a war invented by a group of cynical politicians to whom there is no danger. For these instigators, the murdered and mutilated are just numbers. Something else is important to them. Share prices of defense companies on Wall Street. On both sides of the front, people are dying so that others can increase their wealth.

This is how the Russians see the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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