533. “Good change”
533. “Good change”

533. “Good change”

Vienna 09/22/2023

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“Good Change” is a slogan promoted by the Polish government to promote its own policies.

The US Democrats are waging a hopeless budget battle that is doomed to failure. The money to support and escalate the war in Ukraine has run out. It took half a million casualties to conclude that defeating Russia would probably be impossible. History has shown time and time again that for the ruling team in Washington, half a million is an abstract number – just digits. The president of Ukraine flew there in the hope of securing billions of dollars in tribute for the dead, and it appears he will be disappointed. It will be the same as always. The United States honorably maintains its tradition of abandoning its friends when the current geopolitical and domestic political situation in the United States is not favorable to these “friends.”

Parliamentary elections will take place in Poland in three weeks. Polish politicians want to use US approval to attack Ukraine in the media. It is now allowed. Poland will no longer arm Ukraine and wants to concentrate on its own defense, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Wednesday, a few hours after Warsaw summoned the Kiev ambassador in connection with the grain export case. Source.

The grain war continues. We must declare war on Poland (source) – ironically wrote a former adviser to the head of the Chancellery of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovych on social media, assessing the attitude of the Ukrainian authorities, which, despite Poland’s help, decided to go to war with Russia , to start a dispute with Warsaw.

A film shown on Ukrainian television is causing a stir on social media, where the figure of President No. 2 is clearly visible in the audience during the president’s speech. The entry with this film on Facebook has already been deleted by the censors of eternal truth.

President Zelensky in the audience listens carefully to President Zelensky’s speech. The film was shown on Ukrainian television. Source: Telegram September 22, 2023 07:41.

For the President of Ukraine, the end of the war with Russia is tantamount to the end of Zelensky. Ukrainian nationalists will never forgive him for handing over Crimea and Donbas to Russia. That’s why he pushed through a bill in parliament that bans any peace negotiations with his big neighbor. The CIA would also be willing to silence him forever so that he would not blackmail Washington by publishing his memoirs about his political career.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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