520. Cook – a dangerous profession
520. Cook – a dangerous profession

520. Cook – a dangerous profession

Vienna 09/06/2023

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Apparently the president did not like the dishes prepared by the court chef. I don’t mean the President of Russia. It is possible that the Kremlin did not like the dishes served by Prigozhin. Since it is not known whether he is really dead, we will wait with the assessment until we are certain about both his death and the perpetrators of the attack.

Michelle and Barack Obama and their personal chef Tafari Campbell, who died in a paddleboard accident near Martha’s Vineyard (Michelle Obama/Instagram).

This time it’s about Barack Obama’s chef Tafari Campbell, who “drowned” in the Atlantic while paddling along the coast of the island of Martha’s Vineyard (USA, Massachusetts). More than a month ago, we read an article in The Guardian that Obama’s personal chef dies while paddleboarding off Martha’s Vineyard. Of course, you don’t have to kill a bad cook right away – despots used to do that. Nowadays in the “civilized world” such bunglers are simply fired. Unless…

According to Delaware Online, Richard Boateng, 31, of Savage, Maryland, was last seen surfing off Rehoboth Beach on Sunday night.

Well, if such an unfortunate person has heard something he shouldn’t have heard and, what is worse, he wants to take advantage of it, being fired from the job is not enough. For a President who has on his conscience the lives of millions of people murdered in airstrikes in defense of “Western values”, the life of a single man is meaningless.

We are clearly dealing with a pandemic, as the Western Journal reported yesterday: Dead Body Found Hundreds of Yards from Biden’s Rehoboth Beach House.

But we can sleep peacefully. Pfizer is already working on a vaccine that should protect us from similar accidents caused by man-made climate disturbances.

Get vaccinated so others don’t drown.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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