517. The fight against poverty
517. The fight against poverty

517. The fight against poverty

Wroclaw/Poland 09/01/2023

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The fight against the virus spreads fear and disease, the fight against terrorism increases terrorism, the fight against drug trafficking increases the amount of drugs on the market, the fight against war prolongs it, and the fight against poverty leads to that there are more poor people in the world. Contradiction is the rule. Some, including myself, say that if you focus on something, you amplify the phenomenon, regardless of the intention that drives you.

If you absolutely must fight and there are better ways to achieve your goal, then take up the fight for the health, peace or economic growth of poor regions while keeping the environment clean. Let’s fight not against global warming, but for the preservation of the environment, while keeping a close eye on the hands of those who threaten us with hellfire on earth.

Roy Beck, author and former journalist from Washington, described the fight against poverty well and vividly in his video on YouTube.

Those who fight poverty actually promote it. Dropping bombs on them under the pretext of spreading democracy is not enough to help poor countries. That is definitely not enough, millions of migrants still have to be taken in – then poverty will be better distributed around the world.

Terrorism was actively supported by the CIA. US services accelerated the development of terrorism. Its scale has increased significantly with training and tacit financial support from the US Taliban and al-Qaeda. Terrorism was needed to sow fear and justify more wars. In addition, the Russian services organized a terrorist attack on a block of flats in Moscow and an attack on a theater in order to have a pretext for an oil war in Chechnya. Sure, Washington surpasses Moscow in such actions, but as you can see, the world has never been black and white, and it never is.

It is said that Prigozhin, who was killed a few weeks ago, has risen and is fine. At least that’s what the movie says.

Source: Telegram 08/31/2023 11:49.

In the recording, Prigozhin says it’s the weekend, the afternoon of August 23, and he’s in Africa. At the same time, he assures those who willingly discuss liquidation that everything is fine with him.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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