518, Hackers in action
518, Hackers in action

518, Hackers in action

Wroclaw/Poland 09/02/2023

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Since the beginning of 2023, more than 170 users have registered on this blog world-scam.com. The most natural, if not for the fact that none of them left a single comment. A comment is the only reason you should register on my blog. Considering that thirteen new users have entered an email address from the same domain …@mailtune.ir in the last few days, there is every reason to suspect that these are preparations for a hacking attack.

This is what a screenshot of my email program looks like.

The reason why this registration activity has increased in the last few days is apparently my reaction. I just deleted over 200 users who signed up and took no action. Apparently, in this way I thwarted the plans of a certain hacker group that is preparing to make it difficult to publish and access articles on this blog at the right time.

As I was writing this article, another “user” popped up with an email on the aforementioned domain. I have verified that the mailtune.ir website – the domain used for these email addresses – distributes XAMPP, Apache and a number of programs for testing and distributing websites. I have used their services multiple times. There you can set up an email account. In my opinion, this site is worth recommending. If someone can create an account there via email, so can hackers.

Mailtune.ir header.

More than 100,000 visitors visit this blog every month. In March of this year, over 170,000 people visited this blog. Within three years I managed to interest a large group of readers. You may have noticed that my job is to look for interesting news about current affairs published somewhere in the depths of the Internet. I deliberately keep it short so as not to bore anyone with long-winded analyses. I bet on the intelligence of the readers and would be very happy if a “competitor site” appeared.

I always cite the sources of my messages so anyone can easily reach them. I have found my articles on other sites signed by other “authors” quite a few times. Don’t worry, I won’t sue anyone for plagiarism, although I usually ask the admins to credit the correct author in such cases. Most of the time it helps.

My goal is to inform and not to become famous as a fighter. Therefore, the most important thing for me is to spread this hidden information so that more people can know about it. I’ve never tried and still have no plans to monetize this blog in any way. Everything is free here, including books with all the articles of this blog. And all that in three languages. Of course it requires many hours of work every day, but as a pensioner I can still afford it. We’ll see for how long…

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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