88. Cheated
88. Cheated

88. Cheated

Vienna 27.6.2021

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I haven’t written anything for a long time. I was in Poland for almost two weeks – an excuse like that should be enough. Seriously: Although there are many topics, I write when I want to convey something – important in my opinion.

It is very easy to deceive someone by repeating a lie like a mantra. It is much more difficult to convince a victim of fraud that they are being betrayed.

Where does it come from? Why do reasonable people ignore logical, reasonable arguments and defend their position as if it were independence. They subconsciously feel that they are in a losing position. This is clearly shown in their reactions. The most common of these is the insult to those who dare to undermine their “perfect worldview”. At the same time, they are not very original. They repeat hackneyed epithets from television. Nazis, conspiracy theorists, Covididiots. Several different terms that are safe to apply to yourself.

To answer the question of where these seemingly absurd attitudes come from, one would have to turn to a psychologist.

It is recommended in this context You’re being manipulated and don’t even know it | Nate Pressner | TEDxYouth@Base.

People who succumb to propaganda are prone to fear. We are all manipulated through advertising, television books, and radio. After love, fear is the strongest known human emotion. The fear of contracting a very modern virus is widespread these days. But isn’t the subconscious fear of the collapse of the worldview even stronger?

People deceived by propaganda belong to the group of people who make others think for themselves. It is enough for a TV journalist to rely on an unknown scientific expert and accept everything that is tried to tell him without criticism.

Science is not a monolith. It is a dynamic process in which different and often extremely contradicting theories collide. In addition to corrupt pseudoscientists, there is also a group of people who propose controversial theses based on the principles of science and their own beliefs. And in different directions. Many journalists choose theses that fit the propaganda and completely ignore the existence of other concepts. Is that how the truth should be communicated?

Someone could say that I also do propaganda and that I really want to convince people that they are being fooled. I don’t want to convince anyone. I just want to make you think and – which seems impossible for most people and is very easy – to look for information sources on the Internet yourself.

There are many such sources. I recommend Amazing Polly. Even if the political attitude is not yours. Here, too, the rule should apply: Don’t take anyone at their word – we’ll check the sources. Such a procedure, rarely used by most of us, will teach us to reach more reliable sources than CNN ABS, or BBC.

They will say you are not a journalist, let them do this job. Sure, but then don’t be surprised if something you firmly believe in turns out to be perfectly prepared manipulation.

The author of the article: Marek Wójcik

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