89. My theory
89. My theory

89. My theory

Vienna 7/2/2021

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If you have read a few articles from this blog, you can safely guess which side of the barricade, Covid or critical, I am on.

In this chapter I am going to present you with my opinion on what has been going on in our crazy world for 16 months. The most subjective opinion. Based on my thoughts and experiences in finding sources for my previous articles on this blog. I will state my position and I will not prove anything. My job right from the start is not to convince anyone of the law. It is my job to provoke the reader into an independent search for the truth – even if he finds something that contradicts the theses that I am presenting here.

I would be unhappy if everyone thought like me. It would be the same nightmare as in the media – only one opinion can be right! Nothing is more wrong than such a unanimity. It is multithreading, curiosity and doubt that are the driving force behind the development of life. I remember exactly this one and only right direction that television and the press imposed during the GDR era.

Quite a long introduction, so let’s get to the merits of the case – my theory. Today I heard it on independent television Auf1 that COVID-19 vaccine makers are expecting $ 132 billion in annual profits by 2025. It was this show that gave me the idea to write this article. Following the money trail, the easiest way to find the truth. For a small fraction of that amount there would be some people susceptible to the worst.

I believe the pandemic was carefully planned and rehearsed. For at least twenty years there have been organizations – mainly in the USA – which deal exclusively with this topic. The biggest attempt was made ten years ago – the swine flu pandemic. Even then, Professor Drosten propagated fear in Germany and spoke of the millions of future victims of swine flu. Then a mistake was made. There was no news in the media and the swine flu subsided after a year. This time these errors did not occur again. Most of the world’s media today rely on government subsidies and advertising from pharmaceutical companies. This is why it is so difficult to convince someone who only watches TV shows that they are simply being scammed.

After reading Klaus Schwab’s book The Great Reset, I have no doubt that the World Economic Forum is a platform that coordinates the actions of most governments to establish a world government based on the Chinese model. Yes, the richest people in the world support the totalitarian Chinese system as a counterweight to democracy. And democracy stands in the way of full control over societies. The German Ministry of Education recently published a document that outlines possible directions for the development of future societies. Chinese models are also promoted here. I did not translate this file from German. I leave it to the inquisitive, after all, anyone can use a free translator from Google.

That is why I call the creators of the planedmics globalists. This is, in my opinion, a group of around 3,000 of the richest people involved in this conspiracy. These include well-known personalities such as Bill Gates, George Soros and Jeff Bezos. But members of royal families or other covert groups also belong to this group. Anthony Fauci, whose emails were published, was undoubtedly one of these elites.

In the first chapter of this blog I wrote: I also don’t know whether it is true that the coronavirus was manufactured in military laboratories. This is also not the subject covered on this page. However, the media began to write about it itself. Apparently the globalists began to fight among themselves. A year ago anyone who dared write about an artificially created virus in a laboratory was branded a conspiracy theorist. Today 90% of these conspiracy theories are our reality.

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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