87. News in advance
87. News in advance

87. News in advance

Vienna 6/9/2021

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Monday, June 10, 2024

The tragic consequences of the globalist conspiracy.

The data published on https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations-death shows that yesterday we exceeded the 10 million deaths from introducing illegal, experimental genetic experiments on humans three and a half years ago. Until the announcement of the ban on this experiment, i.e. until November 12, 2021, the substance that changes the genetic code had been accepted by over 874 million people worldwide. Currently, the number of registered cases of serious medical complications is around 297 million, or nearly 34% of all misled victims of this genocide campaign.

Preparations for the process of the century.

The trial of three people accused of mass murder is being intensively prepared in Nuremberg. The accused are: Virologist Prof. Christian Drosten, responsible for spreading false information and manipulating the PCR test he developed to justify the conspiracy theory of the 2020 pandemic, Prof. Lothar Wieler, former head of the German Robert Koch Institute ( RKI), which spreads misinformation to spread fear of an imaginary pandemic, and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, former head of the World Health Organization. All defendants face life imprisonment if found guilty. There was a large demonstration with over 100,000 demonstrators in front of the courthouse. They are calling for the reintroduction of the death penalty for genocide.

Investigation into Gao Fu’s death

The Chinese Ministry of Justice has announced an investigation into the former head of the CDC’s China Center for Disease Control, Gao Fu, who mysteriously died yesterday. Gao Fu attended Event 201 conference in New York, where exercises were held in November 2019 in the event of a coronavirus pandemic. In December 2019, he sent letters to WHO informing them of a “deadly threat” with a new type of virus that initiated the process of WHO declaring a false global pandemic in February 2020.

The largest criminal case in the United States.

Preparations for the genocide trial are also underway in New York. The defendants are: Anthony Fauci, the President’s health advisor, Bill Gates – one of the main instigators of the false pandemic and promoter of the criminal gene experiment, and George Soros, who spread the pandemic’s criminal propaganda. Among other things, by financing the so-called corrective, which defamed scientists with pseudo-scientific arguments and distorted the facts about the pandemic. If convicted, all three face the death penalty.

Are we going back to testing?

It’s hard to believe, but governments in many countries allow tests to be used to detect mRNA substances, which are a holdover from a criminal experiment that started in December 2020 and lasted almost a year. The problem affects those willing to marry. The law in these countries allows such tests to be carried out – always for both candidates – in order to exclude the presence of residues from participating in this experimental genetic experiment that are dangerous to the life and health of future children. Again we hear justifications related to concern for the health of ourselves and our generations …

This is perhaps the first such epidemic in world history where most people fear the vaccine more than the virus.

This is how I envision the end of this crime. The world will have health, economic and psychological repercussions in the decades to come.

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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