399. Let’s imagine…
399. Let’s imagine…

399. Let’s imagine…

Vienna 03/12/2023

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Three years ago, on March 11, 2020, the WHO announced a major pandemic that has not been canceled to date. There have been many lies, but this time the scale of the lie was beyond human imagination. After all, not everyone can be wrong! We have 193 countries on earth and few could not be fooled. One of these countries is Belarus. The second such country is Sweden – it has not introduced hygiene terror either. These two countries did not suffer from such a decision – on the contrary.

You can check it on the Worldometer website. Here you will find a large table with listed countries, regions and geographic entities that do not have the status of a country – 231 in total. In the first row of the table you can choose the order – sorting of the countries – according to selected criteria.

If you click on the “Deaths / 1 million population” column, you get a table of countries sorted by mortality with one COVID diagnosis per million population of the country. It is worth noting that even with this type of flu, the diagnosis was and still is very doubtful, since it was based on tests that could not show any disease. The data is constantly updated, so reading this article in the future may differ from today’s data.

USA is number fifteen on the list. Thus, in fourteen countries of the world, the number of deaths from this variant of the flu was higher. You will find Sweden at number 43, Belarus at number 116.

It is now clear what the point of locking seniors in nursing homes, distance learning, banning them from parks, cemeteries and public life was all about. It was just a test of how far you can go to spread fear, to limit people’s freedom.

Let’s imagine that we have a huge amount of money – almost unimaginable for the average person. We can’t understand. We’re the kind of people who believe that “subhumans” don’t deserve to be helped. I know my readers don’t believe this, but let’s do a little experiment to better understand this crazy world.

We live around other similarly wealthy people for whom the only criterion for someone’s worth is the state of their bank account or other form of wealth. In such a situation, we have no idea how the average wealthy people live and what they want. We are convinced that the poorer are just waiting for an opportunity to snatch away from us the fortunes so painstakingly acquired through fraud.

Mallorca villa in Puerto Andratx. Guess who owns it? You will find the answer by reading this article. The owner is just a tiny fish among sharks… Source: Telegram 11/01/2022 10:01.

So we can have anything that can be bought. It’s a lot and a little. For us, who are incomparably less affluent, it seems like a lot. However, billionaires live in a different, isolated world. Of course, these people cannot be treated as individuals with identical characteristics. Such an Elon Musk, currently the second richest man in the world – after Bernard Arnault – although I do not trust his transhumanist project Neuralink, does not play the role of infallible boss in his companies, like the third and fourth on the list – Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates .

The above list includes only those who stand on the candlestick and are candidates for scapegoating when everything collapses. The real perpetrators to whom we owe the plandemic, the war in Ukraine and spy balloons from China and the group of mysterious terrorists who blew up Nord Stream 2 and lost Ukrainian passports at a depth of 80 m prefer not to be themselves To reveal. I am writing here about these gray eminences, putschists of the world.

I promised to tell you who owns the villa in Mallorca shown above. Well, it’s the current mayor of Kiev, former boxer Vitaly Klitschko. The same that sends calls for financial support for the defense of heroic Ukraine, fighting for our values under the sign of the swastika.

So let’s imagine these rich people pulling the strings, who, knowing that we will not avoid the economic collapse that they mainly caused, want to use this situation to rule the world in the future. How to go about it use fear Fear of illness, fear of war and fear of inevitable poverty.

People who are paralyzed with fear will agree to any solution that seems to promise an improvement in the situation and in return give up all freedoms. Nobody taught them how to use this freedom. Since I have nothing to throw in the pot because even the bugs are starting to go out, which will give me the right to rallies they don’t attend anyway. Money? Above all, they should be. So what if I have to meet a few absurd requirements at the beginning that gradually become stricter in the future? This is how the worst form of slavery arises – that is, when the slave does not realize that he is one.

It won’t be that bad! Of course we get delicious apples, for example:

Source: Telegram 03/07/2023 7:56 pm.

No, it won’t be that bad, even if hard times are ahead. The plans of the globalists turned out to be utopian long ago.

War as we know it, where one country invades another, is now an anachronism. Yes, I know, the Russians launched their military operation in a foreign country a year ago. Only this is not a war between Russia and Ukraine, real soldiers and civilians are dying in Ukraine. They are not dying for the glory of Russia or Ukraine, they are only dying to make the rich people described in this article even richer. These are the same oligarchs as those who were behind the two world wars, behind the revolution in Russia. They are the ones who aided the genocides of the great despots.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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