398. How and when were mRNA “vaccines” made?
398. How and when were mRNA “vaccines” made?

398. How and when were mRNA “vaccines” made?

Vienna 03/11/2023

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The Ukrainian-born American investigative journalist Sasha Latypova gave a lecture in Stockholm on the topic: COVID-19 Countermeasures – Evidence intent to harm. As a drug safety specialist, she conducted a number of studies related to the introduction of the so-called Covid-19 vaccination. Watch the video with German voiceover describing the results of this investigation:

It is worth taking 25 minutes to watch this video. Sasha Latypowa presents in an accessible way the background and connections between the makers of the elixir of happiness and the US military and government organizations.

Step by step we come to the truth. If someone had publicly proclaimed what we learn from this film three years ago, they would have suffered a similar fate as thousands of conspiracy theorists, swindlers – also common “counterarguments”.

Three years ago I wrote in my first article: Don’t worry, I won’t invent conspiracy theories here. I am against claims that a group of people want to take over the world. That’s what I thought. Reality showed me how wrong I was. The problem is that this is not a conspiracy theory, but a description of a global conspiracy based on tons of evidence.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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