400. Manna from heaven
400. Manna from heaven

400. Manna from heaven

Vienna 03/13/2023

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An article published on the Canadian-French-language platform TVA Nouvelles: Fish fallen from the sky in an Australian town evokes the biblical manna from heaven. Theological questions are not the subject of my blog – I have too little knowledge about that.

Source: Telegram 03/13/2023 07:35 am.

This Australian city has been talking about it for a few days. Many people witnessed the rain of fish, a rare phenomenon caused by special weather conditions.

It’s raining hamburgers? It’s raining cats and dogs, as the English say? NO. In fact, the city of Lajamanu, in Australia’s arid north, was rocked by the rain of fish. This community near the Tanami Desert hasn’t seen the phenomenon in more than a decade, when a tornado suddenly sucked fish from the rivers.

And what does this have to do with worldly deceit – the main topic of this blog? Few. This is not the effect of invented global warming – because there is no such thing. Nor is this phenomenon the result of the “excess” of carbon dioxide necessary for plant life. No matter how much is happening in the world, fish have fallen from the sky based on nonsensical ideologies without human involvement and bad intention. Let’s not get paranoid, so today I decided to write an article about a rare but natural phenomenon.

Isn’t it worth putting aside for a moment the worries and emotions associated with our turbulent reality? Check out how other animals deal with it, even if they are not in danger of falling out of the rain clouds due to their great weight:

Source: Telegram 3/11/2023 07:58 pm.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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