401. Bankruptcy of the world financial system
401. Bankruptcy of the world financial system

401. Bankruptcy of the world financial system

Vienna 03/14/2023

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Let me start by reassuring you. Not before the global financial collapse – it is inevitable. You will not find professional Chinese in my article, which is only used to make it difficult to understand not so complicated banking operations.

For example, you won’t read something like that here: Crypto derivatives let investors place bets on the price changes of cryptocurrencies without owning the underlying asset. Source. However, you don’t have to learn banker’s language to understand the problem that’s being trumpeted around the world. We are already aware that three mid-sized banks in the US have filed for bankruptcy.

To reassure customers of these banks, the US President, who goes by the popular name of Joe Poverty-Biden because poverty is believed to be his ultimate goal, announced that customers of these banks have a guarantee from the government that they will get their money receive. It can be described as follows: The orchestra on the Titanic played louder so that the passengers did not panic unnecessarily.

In this way time was saved. The greatest crisis in human history is not being fought. Of course not – it would be as pointless as throwing a bucket of water over the side of a sinking ship that would have made a large hole in the underwater part. In such a situation, it will be much easier to tell the passengers that there is nothing to fear because this ship is unsinkable.

So let’s not look for the causes of the crisis in the mistakes of bank management. Sure, there are mistakes wherever there are people, but the biggest mistake was the creation of the central bank, the FED (private company), over a hundred years ago in 1914 when World War I began. Create a money generation system based on new credits. It’s a very simple concept, but that’s what it boils down to. Added to this is President Nixon’s decision of August 15, 1971 to make the dollar independent of the price of gold, after all they had to finance the enormous costs of waging the – of course “defensive” – war in Vetnam.

Today? We are surprised to learn that the US, and by extension NATO, cannot afford to fight a third world war. How is that? After all, this is how the US military-economic war led to the collapse of the USSR! Would it be the other way around now? Of course, today’s Russia has as much in common with the Soviet Union as the United States has in promoting world peace.

In any case, we can be grateful to the founders of the FED – there will be no new world war because NATO – supposedly the greatest guarantee of peace – does not have enough money. There will be a crisis that will overshadow the 1929 crisis. The globalists planned to use them to take over the world. This dream fades with each passing day. The world is not ready to adopt their agenda. We don’t have enough insects to eat and we don’t have enough genders to choose from. We don’t have ready-made digital money either. The latter would allow full control over all humans.

I have been writing software for computers for many years, and I assure you that such a global financial system could not have been built in Bill Gates’ garage even if he had returned to Seattle, to the home of his father, Henry Gates Jr., a staunch believer proponents of eugenics.

It is not a problem that some hackers could break into the system that manages digital money – they would eventually get caught and, being criminals somewhat similar to the globalists, they would work in a controlled manner to improve the system. The problem is that people are very likely to run away paying with money. The world would go backwards before the Phoenicians introduced their very handy invention, money.

I know it’s hard to imagine swapping an egg for a sofa at the market today. But there are other options, such as precious metals. After all, you can pay for an egg with a piece of silver of the right weight. The ingenuity of circumventing unacceptable laws has been ingrained in humanity for centuries. There are also simple ways to counteract the oxidation of silver – that too will not stop anyone.

That is why today we are dealing with the phenomenon of waiting and delaying the onset of the crisis until the appropriate tools are created to take control of all payments for goods and services. In my opinion, such a program will never be finished.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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