358. When a child dies
358. When a child dies

358. When a child dies

Vienna 01/16/2023

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Before I turn to the topic of today’s article, I would like to draw attention to the quality of text translation by the program of the supposedly most technologically advanced company Google. You can judge for yourself by clicking on the link below, which will be released in English. You can understand what’s going on, but it’s still far from perfect. Therefore, it is worth being vigilant when walking on the street. Some cars are self-driving as part of a Google project. This mainly applies to the state of California in the USA, but we do not know where else trial tests are carried out?

The website “www.ploetzlich-und-unerwartt.net” is a “leisure time project” that is currently only actively managed by one person. Since December 2021, media reports have been collected in a database on the website about people who suddenly and unexpectedly fell ill and died. Source.

On this site, whose title in English is: suddenly and unexpectedly, you will find the stories of over five hundred children who died in this way since January 2021. The average age of these children is 14.3 years. The link mentioned in the introduction is in English. Original source in German. Each story featured here is also a link to a website in the language of the country where the drama happened. In contrast to statistics, the description of individual, tragic fates conveys much better what really happened.

How hard must it be to lose your own child? Thankfully, most of us haven’t encountered it yet. Add guilt and such parents’ lives will be ruined for years to come. It is easy to criticize the naïveté of people affected by the tragic effects of vaccination. I firmly reject such criticism, to say – I told you so! what are they talking about I not only spoke, but also published articles on this topic. That doesn’t give me the right to punish people who are already severely punished. A tragedy will remain a tragedy no matter who was right.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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