357. Repeat of Maidan
357. Repeat of Maidan

357. Repeat of Maidan

Vienna 01/15/2023

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I wrote about the role of the United States in organizing the coup on Maidan Square in Kyiv in 2014 in the article How do you become prime minister. An interesting article appeared in the American magazine The Cradle on Thursday: Why the CIA attempted a ‘Maidan uprising’ in Brazil.

A former US intelligence official has confirmed that the shambolic Maidan remix staged in Brasilia on 8 January was a CIA operation, and linked it to the recent attempts at color revolution in Iran.

On Sunday, alleged supporters of former right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro stormed Brazil’s Congress, Supreme Court, and  presidential palace, bypassing flimsy security barricades, climbing on roofs, smashing windows, destroying public property including precious paintings, while calling for a military coup as part of a regime change scheme targeting elected President Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva.

According to the US source, the reason for staging the operation – which bears visible signs of hasty planning – now, is that Brazil is set to reassert itself in global geopolitics alongside fellow BRICS states Russia, India, and China.

The same scheme, designed a long time ago and tried and tested many times, was also used in Brazil. Fake elections – the most popular politician or party leads, until one night the trend changes dramatically and a little-known politician convicted of corruption by a court in Brazil wins the election.

Whoever counts the votes wins the elections – these are the words of Joseph Stalin. This is one side of this chart. An important element is also a staged “attack” on the parliament and other state buildings. We had to deal with such a development not only in the USA two years ago, but also in Germany, Sri Lanka and even Austria, when the Minister of the Interior – now Chancellor of Austria – Karl Nehammer announced the storming of the Austrian Parliament building, which was then at the remodeling was in. It was a situation that could be classified as a farce. It turns out that yes, two people entered the Parliament building site to fill a physiological need. The newly renovated parliament building was officially opened last week.

In Germany, apart from the entry, provoked by provocateurs, of a small group of random people into the practically unguarded Bundestag, which was practically unguarded that day, where a TV crew was already waiting on the roof of the neighboring Chancellor’s building. A large police operation involving 3,000 police officers was recently organized in Germany to thwart a coup by 20 pensioners, who even found a souvenir pistol. This time, too, journalists were present at a top-secret police operation. It has become common to describe this attempt to seize power as a “putsch of pensioners with walkers”.

One can get the impression that the makers of this plan even want someone to orchestrate an obviously unsuccessful coup and then use it in the media against critics of global politics. Another media spectacle is the current campaign against the US President in the mainstream media. I’m sure he deserves it well. I agree, but this is not about “historical justice,” as proponents of land reform used to say in the first post-war years in People’s Republic of Poland.

There is no doubt that Joe Biden used gangster political methods when he could still think logically. Now he’s not thinking and standing in the way of these people operating in the shadow of the deep state. We are witnessing the fall of the empire and its vassals, i. H. of our geopolitical spheres, mislabeled as the “Progressive West”. The lack of technological advancement is the result of most high-tech manufacturing moving to countries where workers are paid a fraction of the wages of countries that are only geographically western today. Political progress is long gone with the gradual takeover of democratically elected governments.

I convinced my wife to get a job with the CIA. She’s finally going to stop bothering me about what she did at work.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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