356. Oxford – ecological lockdown
356. Oxford – ecological lockdown

356. Oxford – ecological lockdown

Vienna 01/14/2023

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Oxford – a city with traditions and good universities, at least so far. The university of this city made a great impression on me when I visited it many years ago. Today’s Oxford still has ambitions to become a leading and modern city, but does the direction of the projected future fit all? I’m not sure. The innovations planned in Oxford concern the freedom of movement of residents. It is planned to use so-called traffic filters to control the movement of residents and visitors in the city.

Of course, for our sake, the city administrations are planning to introduce the rules of the 15-minute cities at the beginning of 2024, i.e. in a year. In the future, each resident has/could be able to reach a place where they can take care of their most important matters within 15 minutes. This is to protect the environment from global warming.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras will be installed to monitor vehicles going through the traffic filters. Traffic signs will identify the location of each traffic filter, including operational hours and vehicles that are exempt to travel through.

Any vehicle that goes through the traffic filter and is not exempt, will be charged a penalty of £70.

The freedom of Earth’s inhabitants is nothing compared to the terrible threat that we will all be incinerated if the temperature on our planet rises a degree or two. The temperature is rising, at least on TV and other corrupt mainstream media.

An “open public consultation” on Oxford’s travel restrictions has been held for over a month since September 2022. One can blindly say who had the honor of taking part in them: First of all, the “heroes” of the century who were glued to the asphalt in the fight against car traffic. The selection of the consultants was in the hands of the organizers. 5,700 positions are included. An in-depth analysis of these “consultation” can be found in this document.

Vehicles excluded from these filters include private rental cars. This is in line with what Klaus Schwab wrote in his book Covid19 Great Reset. We won’t own anything, we’ll rent everything. There is a catch to this system – someone has to own the rental items, in this case the cars. And here is the crux of the matter – in this “brave new world” there will be a group of people who are better than the rest. I assure you that neither I nor any of my readers, including censors, will join this group.

The Paris city administration has also announced that it will take part in a similar experiment. The idea of 15-minute cities is perfectly reasonable.

Who among us would object to the idea of urbanization, which would allow most residents to walk to work, school, shops or the theater within 15 minutes? After all, it is both convenience and all sorts of benefits, including for the environment. The problem only begins when street filters appear on the streets and hundreds of cameras analyze the faces of passers-by to check compliance with the 15-minute or 1-km rule from home. This situation is already a reality in Chinese agglomerations.

15-Minute Cities are planned worldwide.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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