284. Wind power plants in action
284. Wind power plants in action

284. Wind power plants in action

Vienna 8/28/2022

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There are many videos on social media, and particularly on YouTube, showing accidents involving windmills that generate electricity. I collected some spectacular videos and made a short film showing these crashes and the death of a bird hit by the wings of such a device

I have only selected a part from a much larger collection of films. Of course, not all windmill accidents are documented as filmed. On the other hand, not all windmills fall over or explode. I don’t know the statistics of such events, but even these cases should give proponents of “clean” energy pause. A prerequisite for this is the willingness to think about it.

I wouldn’t mind getting energy from wind power if it weren’t for those concrete poles scattered about the fields that spoil the landscape, if it weren’t for the frequent cases of bird sacrifice and as you can see the reliability of these devices is highly questionable. This energy production is limited to moments when the wind is blowing sufficiently strong. Our electricity demand is far greater than the possibilities of these wind turbines, even if you add the electricity generated from photovoltaics.

The environmental impact of these supposedly nature-friendly technologies is also quite negative. An article in German was published on report24.info on Wednesday: Climate killer: Wind turbines emit highly dangerous gases.

But no such “green solution”? Wind turbines emit the “worst climate-damaging chemical” known to man. Measurements have shown this. Another own goal for the climate fanatics?

In fact, measurements of the air over Germany, thanks to the new energy policy, have already identified the country as the worst offender in Europe when it comes to the highly dangerous substance sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). The chemical is used in the manufacture of wind turbines and escapes into the environment. As Germany leads in the use of wind turbines in Europe, this is the main reason for the exceptionally high SF6 levels in Germany, according to scientists. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, SF6 is a climate killer. It is said to be 26,087 times “more harmful to the climate” than carbon dioxide, although climate fanatics forget that an increased concentration of CO2 also leads to improved plant growth.

Sulfur hexafluoride is a gas considered the perfect insulator in industry. Although banned in many other production areas, it is still widely used in wind turbines, especially in electronic switchgear, i. H. in the “nodes” where the electrical energy is distributed. If only little space is available, e.g. B. inside wind turbines, the gas provides excellent insulation while creating additional space for important machinery and parts. However, once this substance enters the atmosphere, it takes more than 3,000 years for SF6 to decompose again and become inert, according to a report in the Tagesschau newspaper.

Here’s the hit of this year: rotary voltaic and no problem.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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