285. Facebook censorship
285. Facebook censorship

285. Facebook censorship

Vienna 8/29/2022

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Mark Zuckerberg – the creator and founder of Facebook – appeared in an interview with Joe Rogan on Thursday and spoke about censorship on Facebook. The link above leads to the video of this interview on YouTube.

Anyone who has read the Facebook story and Zuckerberg’s biography knows that this is a person who does not easily get along with other people. However, as you can see, this deficiency can be compensated if you have enormous financial resources. But that’s not always enough.

Mark Zuckerberg admitted in this interview that Facebook stopped spreading the story of President Biden’s son Hunter ahead of the last US election in 2020.

He said that some sad men with dark glasses from the FBI (this description is just the result of my vivid imagination) came to his company and asked him not to let Facebook spread “Russian propaganda” because the story about the laptop of Joe Biden’s son, according to FBI gentlemen, is untrue. The federal police, the FBI, already had Hunter Biden’s computer in their hands, along with a lot of valuable information that could harm the Democratic nominee in the election for the highest office in the United States.

Intoxicated or not, Hunter Biden just didn’t pick up the computer from the company he hired to fix it. According to American law, after one year such an item becomes the property of the company that repaired it. The company owner acknowledged the evidence and, after making a copy of the hard drive, turned over his property – a computer formerly owned by Hunter Biden – to the FBI.

In addition to photos that could be suitable for publication in the adult industry, which also show Hunter Biden using drugs, one can find such valuables as illegal contacts (with evidence of corruption) with representatives of Chinese industry and Chinese politics, documents on how to deal with Laboratories creating biological weapons in Ukraine and many other sensations.

This interview is also worth watching as Mr. Zuckerberg explains why information not officially released by the media has limited reach on Facebook. This issue also affects this blog. Although I regularly publish my articles on Facebook, my friends do not see these posts for a long time.

The photo shows products with overt sexual positioning. The post was blocked by Facebook.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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