283. YouTube Censorship Rules
283. YouTube Censorship Rules

283. YouTube Censorship Rules

Vienna 8/27/2022

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Majorel, a company in Poland, deals with censorship on YouTube under a deal with Google. Kamil Kozera, an employee at that company, was fired for taking and posting pictures of Majorel’s computer screen showing the new censorship rules for YouTube videos about the war in Ukraine.

The photos appeared on the Telegram channel of Russian journalist Andrei Guselnikov. They’re not of the best quality, but you have to understand the stress that went into these photos.

A tutorial for YouTube content moderators that has appeared on social media reveals that the Google platform has identified a number of criticisms of the conflict in Ukraine as “hateful” or “extreme,” potentially leading to censorship or demonetization released films. Demonetization – don’t pay for Google ads.

Welcome and Introduction to YouTube Video Upload Control Course. Topic: How to control films about the war in Ukraine?

Glorifying or promoting the symbol “Z” associated with the Russian military is considered “hate” and/or “extreme”. Comments that the conflict “aims to denazify the Ukrainian government,” as Russian President Vladimir Putin said in February, are also considered hate speech.

The claim that “the Ukrainian military is attacking its own people” is also seen as problematic, ranging from “harmful disinformation” (ID 862) to “harmful extreme disinformation” (ID 863) when it comes to genocide.

Another highlighted phrase (ID 862 and ID 863) is “US-funded biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine”. Presumably, the keyword here is “biological weapons,” as the existence of “biological research facilities” in Ukraine was recognized by US Undersecretary Victoria Nuland in a Senate testimony in March, and the Russian military has repeatedly provided evidence that these laboratories are funded were by the US government and specifically by the Pentagon.

This is the first evidence we have that there is an official secret policy of social media manipulation. The existence of censorship of any inconsistency with the government/media narrative of the war has been evident and undeniable since the beginning of this war.

All countries in the world condemn Russia! “All countries” – are the ones highlighted in yellow.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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