282. Organised crime
282. Organised crime

282. Organised crime

Vienna 8/25/2022

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On the independent Swiss television kla.tv you can see many interesting films, also in English. Today I have selected for you a short 6-minute video about the mafia methods of the pharmaceutical cartel. Source.

In the ZDF report (ZDF – German mainstream television) about “The pharmaceutical cartel – How patients are cheated” from 2008 on Frontal 21, detective Uwe Dolata explains that in Germany there has not yet been a conviction of the pharmaceutical industry for corruption or bribery in business would have given traffic. Nothing that could act as a deterrent, “[…] the pharmaceutical industry can do whatever it wants in Germany!”, says Dolata.

Experts estimate that the pharmaceutical industry spends 10% of its income on research and 40% on marketing. The medical journalist and author Hans Weiss explains why, for example, the packaging of an infusion can cost around €680, with the proportion of the real active ingredient costs amounting to only €1. According to Weiss, there is no other industry that makes such high profits of 20 to 30% from sales.

I can already hear that scream: 600 euros for 1 euro cost, that’s 6,000% profit! Yes, but there are also costs associated with corruption (aside from accounting, of course), marketing, production, etc. Would anyone be able to start a business that makes 30% profit? If so, congratulations! I’m afraid no one will publicly admit this for fear of tax controls.

Uwe Dolata – German, chief commissioner in the field of white-collar crime. Publicist and politician.

Dolata also states in the report: “Well, we are even dealing with structures here from which the mafia could still learn something. Completely unabashed, unscrupulous doctors and greedy corporations use the healthcare system. And the tricks are getting more and more sophisticated!” Politicians like the then Minister of Health, Horst Seehofer, openly admit: “The pressure from the pharmaceutical lobby was too great.” So much suffering should have resulted in criminal consequences long ago; instead, it faded away in the equally mafia-like swamp of the judiciary and the media. To this day nothing has changed. On the contrary! Pfizer and Co. produce their poison cocktails unhindered, preferably vaccines, now even without official approval, since the state now allows them to do so.

We have vaults full of proven and effective therapies, Doc, but if we start using them, the profits are gone and we both lose our jobs. So come on, don’t use alternative therapies, just kindly write down the crap from the list we provide you.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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