281. The best power system
281. The best power system

281. The best power system

Vienna 8/24/2022

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According to Klaus Schwab, head and founder of the WEF World Economic Forum, China is the best system of power. This allows you to react quickly to threats such as “pandemics”. China introduced the so-called zero-Covid policy. This means that even a single case of a positive PCR test result can lead to the closure of a settlement, a district or even an entire metropolis.

Today we will look at what this looks like in practice. First of all, the concern of the Chinese authorities for the health of the citizens is palpable. Regardless of the weather, everyone has to undergo “voluntary” PCR tests and carry a cell phone to even get through to their own heavily guarded housing estate thanks to a Covid passport.

Persons whose guilt has been proven by the positive result of the PCR test will not be able to escape punishment in this system. The Chinese authorities are determined to do whatever is necessary to save society from such “criminals”.

The perpetrators cannot expect mercy if they hide in the apartment, the security services find them and take them to a quarantine camp – that’s what the concentration camps of the 21st century are called.

If you are interested in how such modern variants of the camp look like, I present to you a couple of videos in the form of links showing the construction of such camps:

Camp 1.

Camp 2.

Camp 3.

Camp 4.

But don’t worry – these camps are for bad people. As long as your PCR test is negative, don’t worry!

China is the most technologically advanced country in the world. The decent citizens of China experience this at every turn. Restaurant staff is no longer needed, this system recognizes your face and food and then deducts the price from your bank account. But only if your social credit is acceptable – dissidents will not be served. As I have already written, decent citizens can rest easy.

No need to carry an uncomfortable, polluting plastic card – just smile and the ATM will recognize the account holder, as long as the bank hasn’t gone bankrupt and you’re a decent citizen of the People’s Republic of China, or your guest – of course also decent – then you get your own money paid out in cash.

But here, too, there will soon be further technological advances. Preparations for the digital currency in China are well advanced.

Concern for the health of the people of China has reached such a level that even the fish are being tested for the presence of some randomly selected fragments of the “dangerous” virus.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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