245. Storm in the United States
245. Storm in the United States

245. Storm in the United States

Vienna 7/03/2022

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This week, the US Supreme Court issued a series of rulings undoing the painstaking transformation of US democracy into a “real” — that is, far-left — democracy.

The following list is based on the German language video from LIONMediaTV:

  1. 06/23/2022 Supreme Court overturns New York Gun Prohibition Act in New York;
  2. 06/24/2022 The Supreme Court has overturned the US federal law on abortion for 50 years;
  3. 06/27/2022 Judge Thomas Clarence Announces Amendments to the 1964 Act Protecting the Media from Defamation Lawsuits;
  4. 27.6.2022 Repeal of the law on the participation of illegal migrants in local elections;
  5. 06/30/2022 The law of the EPA (US Climate Authority) to regulate the CO2 emissions was declared unlawful;
  6. 06/30/2022 Federal government ban on intervening in the electoral laws of individual federal states.

Six very important court decisions sparked angry attacks from extreme supporters of the US Democratic Party on nine judges of that court. Home addresses of Supreme Court justices were posted on TikTok, and instructions on how to build a bomb appeared in the same post. But such posts aren’t hate speech, according to TikTok, so they weren’t censored.

CNN wrote that the conservative majority on the US Supreme Court is a threat to the entire world.

All of this is happening before the US elections. Never before has a party or president had so little support as the Democratic Party and President Biden.

Photo from video posted to CNN: Surprising reason for Joe Biden’s low rating.

No wonder the Biden administration is trying to escalate the war in Ukraine. They see it as an opportunity to save power for the radical wing of the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump renewed the Republican Party and purged its ranks of most of the so-called RINOs – Republicans In Name Only. Today, Trump-backed candidates — even the little-known ones — tend to win the Republican primary.

The situation in the States is tense. You can expect similar riots as two years ago. There have already been many provocations. Such actions, however, will not change in favor of the Democrats the badly battered opinion that has been lost by the lockdown policies that threaten a fake climate catastrophe and complete military defeat in both Afghanistan and Ukraine.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the so-called midterms elections – because they are in the middle of the President’s term of office – will take place for Congress and the Senate.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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