244. General secretary
244. General secretary

244. General secretary

Vienna 7/01/2022

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…in his youth he appeared as an opponent of the Vietnam War. There were also riots, such as stone throwing at the US Embassy in Oslo. Who are we talking about here? About NATO Secretary General – Jean Stoltenberg. From a Marxist-Leninist rebel, he has embarked on an interesting career path up to the highest position in the – supposedly defensive – NATO pact.

Stoltenberg can be seen as a staunch ally of globalism, driving both the climate agenda and the immunization agenda. The latter not only since the corona pandemic. Apparently he supports Bill Gates’ agenda to vaccinate the whole world. Between 2002-2005, between his periods as Prime Minister of Norway, he led Bill Gates’ GAVI vaccination alliance. Stoltenberg also ensured that huge amounts of Norwegian money were diverted directly to GAVI – from 2005 to 2010 a good 400 million US dollars – as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation itself published.

Image: Bill Gates and Jens Stoltenberg at the 2006 World Economic Forum; Image (C) WEF

In 2013, Stoltenberg served as the UN Special Envoy on Climate Change (Global Warming) and chaired the UN High-Level Panel on System Wide Coherence and the High-Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing. So he took care of the global cooperation in advancing the climate agenda and its financing.

Apparently Stoltenberg himself believes strongly in the ideas he espouses – which is why he should be so useful to the global elites and to Bill Gates. So after he had resorted to gene injections himself, like millions of other people worldwide, he fell ill with herpes zoster, his whole face was covered with traces of the painful shingles. The reason for these diseases is the fact that gene injections massively weaken people’s defenses. A healthy immune system keeps various viruses in the body – such as herpes – well under control. After each gene injection, this real, natural protection decreases drastically – and it comes to shingles, but also the dreaded turbo cancer.

The question is whether Stoltenberg is seen and used by the elites of this world as a “useful idiot” [..]? Or whether he is aware of the consequences of his actions and whether he is to be regarded as one of the masterminds behind the events that are currently leading the world into crisis and straight towards nuclear war. There’s a special flavor to it when a leftist, who in his youth threw stones “against the Vietnam War” through the US Embassy windows, now leads the world into World War III. The depravity of such people can hardly be put into words.

The quotes above are from an article published today in report24.news entitled: NATO Secretary General Previously Chaired Bill Gates GAVI Vaccine Alliance.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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