196. The longest two weeks
196. The longest two weeks

196. The longest two weeks

Vienna 3/30/2022

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It is exactly two years ago today that I sat down at my computer to write an article about the fear pandemic on my personal website. Later, in July, I wrote an introduction and that’s how the blog you are reading came about. A year ago I decided to modernize and moved the whole thing to this page. As you can see from the numbering in the title, I am writing the 196th article today.

I’ve decided to make my work available to everyone without fees or annoying ads. I do not intend to seek support in the future either, although I believe it is worth giving such support to those independent media that are disseminating information that is banned in the mainstream public media and who need such support.

I know that not all of you can find information hidden from us by pervasive censorship. To me, that’s a professional skill. I assembled my first computer back in the 1980’s and I’ve been using the internet since it became widespread, in the mid 1990’s. I also know that a tool like the Google search engine is not the best choice for looking for arguments against the globalist elite.

Fear is irrational and you can’t do much with logical arguments. When I hear someone say, “We’re all going to die”! I answer: You are right, you know someone who is over 120 years old? The problem is not the inevitable death itself – what is more important is the quality of life before death.

Live in fear or in peace? That is the question! To paraphrase Shakespeare, who asked exactly this in Hamlet, we conclude that fear destroys our lives. If we add that someone wants to scare us at any cost, then the conclusion is self-imposed: let’s not be scared anymore!

Most of us cannot imagine life without television. I’ve avoided seeing this Pandora’s box for over twenty years. It’s the images on the TV screen that scare us. And this propaganda repeated like a mantra. There are no strong ones for that. Even though you know that TV lies and you watch it every day, you infiltrate those lies against your will. The only solution is not to watch, read or listen to the media.

They’ll say that’s how I fight the competition – it’s true, I fight. The difference between me and the other side of reality is that I openly admit I could be wrong and salute anyone who sincerely defends their view of the world. I am not writing this blog to say: I wrote about the uselessness of the PCR test in June 2020 and boasted that I was right. I would definitely prefer to be wrong and live in a world where my blog’s topic – a betrayed world – would prove redundant.

Whether I was right or wrong doesn’t matter to the world. However, the needless death of almost 200,000 people in Poland, most of whom would be alive today but for this unnecessary “two-week” lockdown, is of colossal importance to the world and people.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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