58 Prohibited demonstration
58 Prohibited demonstration

58 Prohibited demonstration

Vienna 2/1/2021

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A great freedom demonstration was supposed to take place in Vienna yesterday. The day before, on Friday, the organizers received an email that the demonstration had been banned by the Interior Minister. You had 90 minutes to appeal. The appeal has been drawn up.

Seventeen demonstrations were reported and only two of them were allowed. One against the dictatorship in Belarus and the other because of the release of Mr. Navalny, whom I consider a fraud. Not because I support everything Putin does, but because of his theory that he was poisoned against all common sense.
All demonstrations that contradicted the lines of the Austrian narcissistic government were simply banned.

Despite the ban, religious processions were organized for followers of all religions to promote world peace. Hence, in the videos – Rumble link to my three demo videos above – you can see the prayers.

The police blocked one of Vienna’s main streets, the Ring, in two places in order to separate the gathered demonstrators from those who were ready to join.
In my opinion, more people came to this protest than two weeks ago. Back then it was 50,000 and yesterday …

The Austrian police arrested several people, but behaved in such a way that the emotions did not escalate. In my video you can see the police gradually lifting the blockade to finally remove it after two hours.

I am convinced that the police are not on the side of the minister for internal repression here. This is shown in the film about the police officers who took off their helmets and went with the demonstrators . You can also see in this video (minute 3:20) how the police officers demonstrate.

Apparently the government ban tactic failed.


Author: Marek Wojcik

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