56. WHO
56. WHO

56. WHO

Vienna 1/27/2021

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The World Health Organization released this document on January 20, the day the new US President was sworn in.

It follows that the WHO is reinterpreting the results of the PCR test. It turned out that even this corrupt organization is no longer suggesting using the test itself as the sole basis for diagnosing coronavirus infection. It is recommended that a medical examination be performed in the event of a positive test result.

And here the “wonderful” theory of Mr. Christian Drosten (Germany) ended its life. The mainstream press does not use the title of professor for him because he does not have a doctoral thesis. Could he be a cheat?
According to his theory, the very dangerous and incredibly contagious form of COVID-19 is asymptomatic.

All over the world – including Sweden and Japan – the result of this test is practically the only criterion for a quarantine decision and, even worse, for statistical calculations that lead to a catastrophic lockdown.

A year ago, when the WHO declared a pandemic and recommended that governments use the PCR test worldwide, most countries followed suit.
Why is WHO making such changes to the narrative? We can only speculate here.

There are voices that the WHO wants to support the new US president and shows that the planning situation will improve under his presidency.
Malicious people claim that this is the way WHO is trying to extort more dollars from its benefactors like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
On occasion. Do you know who the greatest farmer is in the USA? Who owns most of the hectares in this country? Exactly, Mr. Bill Gates – famous vaccinologist.
It is said to be a good investment that, like precious metals, protects against the effects of inflation. It would be difficult to steal land from burglars.

Back to the WHO article. The credibility of the COVID-19 statistics is also questionable, as the PCR test itself is the only criterion for assessing whether the patient has this media disease or not.
It looks even worse with the mortality statistics. Here it is sufficient if the deceased achieves a positive result of this test within the last four weeks of life in order to die with or from a Covid. Even when he was the victim of an accident.
Why isn’t this done for rubella, for example?
Discrimination against diseases and the tendency to unfairly inflate Covid statistics are clearly visible.

Do you like to play with bubble wrap?


You are releasing the air out of China!

Author: Marek Wojcik

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