55. Sweden 2020
55. Sweden 2020

55. Sweden 2020

Vienna 1/18/2021

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As you may have noticed, I have not presented evidence against a false pandemic for a long time.
I’m doing this because in my opinion the ones already presented will be enough.
Furthermore, I believe that this phenomenon was invented and used as an excuse to change our world.

In this chapter, however, I will make an exception and deal with the situation in Sweden. You can download all statistical information on this page by clicking on “Statistics 1/22/21” in the top menu. It’s a PDF document.
All data on the C virus in Sweden come from the Eurostat website.
Why Sweden? Because this country has chosen a different way of responding to the plandemic. I will set out in points what happened in Sweden (the source is the statistics above).

  • No Lockdown! The government communicates the narrative “No Lockdown, please, because we are Swedish”.
  • Schools remain open up to grade 9, higher grades and universities distance learning
  • From 16.03. MPs in parliament reduced from 349 to 55
  • From 19.03. – 13.6. entry ban for non-EEA citizens (Attention: EEA is not equal to EU, Sweden takes a special path here because of the close trade relationship with Iceland!!!)
  • From 27.03. Events with more than 50 persons prohibited
  • From 01.04. – 01.10. visiting bans in old people’s homes
  • 01.11. – 24.11. Events with up to 300 participants are allowed, but only if they are seated throughout
  • From 20.11. ban on alcohol sales after 10 p.m.
  • From 24.11. again ban on visitors, events limited to 8 participants

In Sweden, wearing masks was not always compulsory – only if you wanted to.
There were also no mandatory tests for the C virus prior to admission to the hospital.
Shops, restaurants and cafes were not closed.
Sweden is also unfamiliar with the concept of short-term work due to a plandemic.
Economic problems only arose with companies that were dependent on production in lockdown countries.


To enlarge this image on PC, just click on it. On smartphones and tablets, you can zoom in the classic way with two fingers.
Here, in the last line, we see the death rate in Sweden from 2010 to 2020.
The last three weeks of 2020 were statistically forecast (extrapolated), as the data were not yet available at the time these statistics were published on 5.1.2021.
In this ranking, position 1 (2010) is the highest number of deaths. Rank 11 – 2019 – again marks the best year (lowest death rate) for Sweden.
The ranking takes population changes into account. The year 2020 was in 9th place after 2019 and 2018.
This means that last year was the third best year due to the low death rate over the past 11 years.
Remember, if someone tries to convince you that it was only thanks to the lockdown that they could avoid a greater tragedy.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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