50. Who is stealing our world?
50. Who is stealing our world?

50. Who is stealing our world?

Vienna 11/28/2020

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Who invented plandemic?
I have already given one of the possible answers to this question. I pointed out the vaccine industry – the biggest beneficiary of the plandemics.
Undoubtedly this branch of pharmacy is involved. However, if it were all about money, they would stop pursuing it, ruining the global economy and thereby limiting the payment options of future customers.
This doesn’t mean the vaccine industry is guiltless here, but this story is too big for them. She is only an accomplice in a global crime – on a scale unprecedented in history – and a world political coup.

The plandemic has been in preparation for decades. It was announced more than 10 years ago by the swine flu pandemic.
This failed pandemic served as a test for these criminals. And they drew the right conclusions.
The most important of them was mastering the mass media – and thus influencing public opinion.
There is no doubt that they made it. The undisputed proof of this is the unanimous propaganda of the media and the total censorship of information that is inconsistent with their line.
They are also applying this measure to US President Donald Trump standing in their way.

Have you heard of the term “Big Reset”?
Annual World Economic Forum conferences take place in the Swiss city of Davos.

So who is behind this?
Certainly a group of very rich people. They invested billions of dollars to take over television stations, radio stations, and the press. Similar amounts have been used to corrupt politicians, scientists, and organizations around the world such as WHO and CDC. Not all politicians had to be bribed. For some, the promise that they would have power in a country where there would be no more elections was enough.
The fact that a new world government, not democratically elected, would stand over them has likely been passed over in silence.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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