49. Freedom
49. Freedom

49. Freedom

Vienna 11/17/2020

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What will people say twenty years from now about what happened in the world in 2020?
Viruses, masks, PCR tests, fear or overcrowded hospitals? Or maybe the US elections?
I very much doubt. They talk about the most important thing – this year the most precious thing was taken from us – freedom.

How many people gave their lives in the past so that we could live freely? And we just sit at home because it’s safer that way.

It is not without reason that we compare the current situation with the process of Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s. How does our silence differ from that of the majority of German society in the face of the brutal actions of the Nazis? There would be no World War II if the people opposed the fascist dictatorship at a time when it was not strong enough to institute terror.
Can’t you see how many countries in the world are introducing fascism step by step? Yes, this is fascism that we deal with more and more every day.

If anyone has any doubts, I present the facts:

  1. Freedom of expression. In the fascist system it was not possible to express oneself freely about the political situation. Only propaganda supporters were allowed to speak. Anyone who has a different opinion today is defamed as a conspiracy theorist, foil writer, etc.
  2. Freedom of assembly. We can still participate in the protests, but is it really that? Why was I only arrested in Warsaw for taking part in a legal and peaceful demonstration against the government’s illegal activities?
  3. Freedom of movement. Do we have that? What can we expect after our return from USA, Madrid or Croatia? House arrest.
  4. Physical integrity.We don’t have to be vaccinated?
  5. Freedom of conscience and religion. Stolen Easter and a shaky Christmas. And a church that supports these restrictions.
  6. Freedom of artistic creation, teaching, research and use of cultural assets. No comment.
  7. Freedom and protection of communication secrecy. Maybe I mention something about the mobile application that monitors your contacts and people around you.
  8. Freedom to cultivate and develop the language, customs, traditions and culture. Can something develop if direct human contact with other people is prohibited?

This list contains the main constitutional freedoms of citizens. Do we still have them?
And how do you qualify a situation where most of the governments around the world are introducing unconstitutional regulations?
If the Constitutional Court rejects them because it has to, then no problem. On the second day a slightly modified new regulation appears, and this is how the cat and mouse game works.
This is how the dictatorship begins.

What can we do? Do you let everyone answer for themselves what is important to them in life?
Maybe just sit at home and wait for it to end?
It won’t stop.
Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.
Benjamin Franklin.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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