26. Who writes fake news?
26. Who writes fake news?

26. Who writes fake news?

Vienna 7/14/2020

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I wonder how long obviously wrong information is swallowed just because it comes from official sources?
Who scared us with millions of deaths?
Here in Austria, Chancellor Kurz said in March that soon everyone among his relatives would know who had died from the coronavirus.

It’s not just me or a group of crazy conspiracy theorists who argue that there is no scientific basis to claim that we were faced with an epidemiological threat in 2020.
In Chapter Conspiracy Practice by listing (Point 10) a list of 250 scientists who have objected to misleading the public by providing manipulated information.

Without the tragic situation of millions of people, I would call Corona followers “monarchists”.
I don’t want to split people, and most of all I don’t want to do it if they have different views than I do.
I am not now struggling to be the same anti-democratic proponent of censorship.

I like the recent grassroots movement in Germany.
They organize demonstrations to defend the fundamental rights of citizens. The largest of them, which is expected to have 500,000 participants, will take place on August 1st in Berlin.
It’s about a lot. Not only for Germany, but for Europe and the whole world, all countries that are gradually trying to return to the era of feudal rule.

They called themselves lateral thinkers.
They want to talk to everyone regardless of their political orientation or religion.
They encourage people to seek the truth. It is not that difficult at all. I know from my own experience, although I am not a journalist and do not intend to become a journalist, I have reached the sources that I have presented to you without any major problems.

And journalists?
I deliberately did not use the term “real journalist,” because this is a manipulation like “real patriots” or “real men,” fictional characters created only to influence other people’s behavior.
So: and journalists?
Few people on earth deserve such a name.
It’s easy for me to judge others. I’m not at risk of losing my job or being blacklisted.

It is true and I will say more, I have few reasons to condemn the coronavirus hysteria.
I have not suffered any significant losses.
The problem is that if nothing threatens my existence, it doesn’t mean I don’t feel how much damage is being done to others.
I also lost something very valuable that I have fought for all my life. Freedom of choice, freedom of expression on every topic, freedom of movement, freedom of choice, whether I should put on a harmful mask or be vaccinated.

I know from friends who have a family in Spain that the police in this European country take children whose parents refuse to vaccinate their children to the vaccination point and commit crimes against the child’s body and soul against the will of their legal guardians.
Wasn’t it in this country at the end of the 15th century that the only truth prevailed that was spread by the Holy Inquisition? I like Spain, the Spaniards, their culture and I also respect their history. However, I disagree with trampling on basic human rights, one of which states that only the patient or authorized caregiver has the right to choose which treatment to take and which medication to use. The same applies to the rights of parents.

I think each of us thought if someone told us half a year ago what the world would do to protect “human health” from a threat that never existed, it would pat on the forehead.
Because we’re dealing with insanity.
Deliberately misleading, panic prevalent, show director films with trenches about 10 meters long, which are carried by the actors of the first empty coffin in Brazil. This is how I interpret senseless images in YouTube videos.
Brazil, a country where mortality is still lower than in Europe.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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