27. When does this tragic comedy end?
27. When does this tragic comedy end?

27. When does this tragic comedy end?

Vienna 7/18/2020

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Don’t you wonder why, despite the fact that there is no reason to do so, we are forced to wear muzzles that are fondly called masks?
There are many answers to this question. None of them will be a logical answer.

One would suspect that the health ministers were bribed in most countries. In my opinion, this was not necessary at all.
The minister reports to the prime minister and belongs to a group that is popularly known as the government.

Imagine that you are a member of such a group. I know it’s not that easy, especially since it requires a change of mindset. Overcome your scruples and accept that a certain group of people will certainly suffer from your decisions.
This is not a job for people with empathy.

Everyone makes mistakes without exception. A senseless rule was laid down for the government members that they must not be wrong.
Instead of governing, they have to apologize, look for scapegoats, we all know it.
How much energy is wasted on it? And mistakes seem to appear again and again.
In this situation, the global pandemic was a salvation for the rulers.
Why should you give it back? Because we want it? That is definitely not enough.
Not only is it possible to blame a terrible virus for all the errors, but the situation asks to be used.
The opposition supported the government with decisions that would not have been made in the normal situation, at least without a dispute. In early March, we were all blinded by the horror scenes that were bombarded by the media.

In the chapter “Fear – a political tool” I have presented documents showing that the rulers in Austria have deliberately used fear to facilitate the manipulation of the community.
A similar document has appeared in Germany.
At least now we should have no doubt that the rulers are not about our welfare, they want to influence us so that we can easily swallow their ideas for our lives.

I have no positive answer to the question asked in the title of the chapter.
Even if people are no longer sick and die by a miracle of today, they will not give us our rights voluntarily.
You will find another excuse to “protect” us.


Author: Marek Wojcik

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