9. Fear – a political tool
9. Fear – a political tool

9. Fear – a political tool

Vienna 4/28/2020

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Austrian statistics will appear later this week as I announced.

A very interesting article appeared yesterday in the Austrian media. The minutes of the talks of the Austrian government showed:

ORF article in German
Here is my English translation.

I would like to draw your attention to the words of Herwig Kollaritsch, “specialist in tropical diseases” (i.e. vaccines):

“… that this is a potentially fatal disease and not ordinary flu.”

What does that mean?
Government expert says coronavirus is deadly and common flu isn’t?
In fact, the number of deaths from influenza has many times exceeded the number of those who had COVID-19 antibodies, among other diseases, and sometimes flu.
I will in no way increase the fear of the currently announced pandemic to add new fears of the flu. Many of us have had the flu, sometimes even every winter or summer.

In many cases, the result when re-testing for COVID-19 antibodies is opposite to the previous result.
The only argument for unjustified intimidation of humanity is so credible.

As the article shows, fear is the best way to force society to do what is expected. It is true, where there is fear, the ability to analyze and think logically disappears.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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