8. The effects
8. The effects

8. The effects

Vienna 4/24/2020

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Today I want to write about the effects of this fear pandemic.
Let’s start with the positive ones as they also appeared. Ecological effects are most important in this group.
Clean air: from India, you can see the Himalayan peaks for the first time since the Second World War.
In the Venetian Grande Canal, you can now see fish in clear water.
I remember very well when during one of my visits to this city St. Mark Square was built up to a height of about 30 cm flooded with water. One could enter the basilica over a pedestrian bridge. The ground could not be seen through the shallow water. The water was too dirty. And today you can see fish in the water!

I have found an interesting article Covid-19 and the MCO’s effects on the environment.

Some economic operators perceive positive effects as manufacturers of drugs that increase immunity. Also manufacturers of masks, rubber gloves, and disinfectants.
I don’t know if it can be seen as a positive report on the increased demand for coffins in Austria. There were more and more orders from funeral parlors who feared that the competition would buy coffins and they would run out of coffins.

Usually, I am optimistic, but it is not easy to keep a good attitude on this subject. Unfortunately, the negative effects of global pandemic are appalling.
Health care, tourism, manufacturing industry, air transport, it is impossible to name all the victims. How many people in the world have lost their jobs? These are just the economic consequences of this global crisis.
As a result of the need to provide financial support to the economy, the debt of most countries in the world will increase. I assume that this will increase the interest rate on loans. The economic crisis will continue to be felt long after the pandemic has ended.

What about people who unfortunately are not infected with the virus? It sounds strange, but it is.
I needed help for the nurse of my sick wife here in Vienna a week ago. This nurse cut her finger in the kitchen, it bled a lot. We went to the hospital, which used to provide medical assistance after accidents, also on an outpatient basis.
The hospital was unreachable for new patients. It was reclassified as an infectious disease hospital.
Fortunately, after a long search, we found a doctor who took care of this lady.

What about heart attacks or other serious cases where the ambulance could not arrive or was late?
The medical staff is very overworked due to the pandemic.

Let’s get back to the positive aspects. It is clear that the peak of the pandemic crisis is behind us. Apparently, the virus does not like warm weather.
This was already evident in China, where warming has reduced the number of new people with antibodies against this virus. In Europe, the USA and other countries of the world, the switches are slowly shifting towards the “thawing” of the economy.
It’s high time. Probably the last restriction that will be lifted is the closing of state borders.
Let’s hope that the pressure from countries that live from tourism will be strong enough to do so before the tourist season starts.

I want to make it clear that my position is not to persuade anyone to disregard the recommendations of the authorities. We must hold on to it, regardless of our views.

[Vienna October 18, 2020 Today I would no longer write the text marked in green.]

Maybe I’m wrong in my judgment about the pandemic. However, so far I haven’t found anything to contradict my suspicions.
The evidence I have presented is deductive in nature and would probably not be accepted as evidence in court.

In the next article, in a week’s time, I will deal with the published death statistics for the current year in Austria.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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