559. Farewell to the hostages
559. Farewell to the hostages

559. Farewell to the hostages

Vienna 10/28/2023

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You don’t talk to terrorists – you destroy terrorists. This is what well-known commentators in the media said. In such a situation, it would have to be clarified: who decides, based on which criteria, whether a group belongs to terrorists?

Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups who are inspired by, or associated with, designated foreign terrorist organizations or nations (state-sponsored). Source.

During the Cold War – 1945 to 1989 – we dealt with terrorist activities. For example, the RAF in Germany, the IRA in Northern Ireland or Basque fighters in Spain. Regardless of their motives, the goal of these organizations was to destroy state structures and spread fear in society in order to draw attention to the problems they were fighting for.

When the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain fell in 1989, senior generals in the Pentagon and Moscow were terrified. For them, world peace is the greatest threat to their existence. The idea of a war against international terrorism had already emerged.

Taliban groups were founded to arm fighters against Afghanistan, which was occupied by the USSR in the 1980s. They were trained and armed by the USA. However, they had to fight Moscow alone. Washington was careful not to make the mistake of the Vietnam War, when the return of soldiers in coffins to the United States led to violent anti-war protests in the United States.

The day before the “terror attack of the century” on September 10, 2001, US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld helplessly announced that the Pentagon could not account for thousands of billions of dollars. Just like that, they were just gone. A pickpocket probably sneaked in there and stole government property. This shock only lasted a day. The perpetrators of the attack on the WTC knew full well that such an opportunity would not be repeated in order to draw public attention to this embezzlement and not suffer the consequences. Everything is of course “pure coincidence”, including the temporal coincidence, as they say today.

From that moment on, the whole world was forced to take fingerprints before issuing travel documents and check personal luggage before boarding a plane. All of this, of course, for the “good of humanity”. Plans to take control of the world have been in the works for at least 100 years, when the first theories were created that provided a theoretical basis for such actions.

Three decades after the USSR’s war in Afghanistan, in February 2014 we observe a similar scenario of active support for terrorists by the USA on the Maidan in Kiev. And now Ukraine has been replaced by Israel. I wrote in the Israeli Bucha article that in February 2020, Israel sent a representative of the Mossad secret service to Qatar to influence the Qatari government’s decision on further financial support for Hamas. To them, terrorists are like air – without them they couldn’t even breathe!

That’s why I always ask myself when I see news about terrorist attacks on television, who decides who is called a terrorist and who is a freedom fighter, democracy fighter or something similar? Certainly not the television newsrooms – they have this narrative forced upon them.

What surprised me was the relatively objective reporting in the Western media about Hamas’ release of two more hostages. It was heard on the BBC that at least these two people were treated well.

Two more hostages were released to Egypt on Wednesday and handed over to a charity.
Shaking hands goodbye is a symbol of the possibility of understanding between hostile nations.

Proponents of the Palestinian terrorist theory are likely to say that Hamas is trying to improve its image in the West. This is probably true, but it is worth asking whether this image was objectively created by the West? I wonder what the Western media will write after Hamas releases all the hostages?

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
Email: worldscam3@gmail.com

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