558. Stolen bread
558. Stolen bread

558. Stolen bread

Vienna 10/27/2023

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I don’t know if this story really happened. I think it’s not important. Most importantly, it forces people who still have some level of empathy to rethink our dogmas about the world in which money determines a person’s worth.

Judgment by an American judge.
A 15-year-old boy was caught shoplifting. While trying to escape, the boy accidentally knocked over a shelf.
After hearing the case, the judge asked the boy:
Did you really steal something? Bread, cheese and knocked over a shelf while running away?
The boy replied:
Why did you steal?
The boy said:
I needed it.
Couldn’t you buy instead of steal?
I had no money.
You could have asked your parents for money.
I only have a mother who is sick and doesn’t have a job. I stole bread and cheese for her.
You don’t do anything, you don’t have a job?
I worked at a car wash. I took a day off to help my mother, so I was kicked out.
After the conversation with the boy ended, the judge issued a verdict:
Theft, especially the theft of bread, is a very heinous crime. And here we are all responsible for this crime. Today, everyone in this room is responsible for this theft. From this I conclude and give everyone here a $10 fine. No one leaves the room until they pay $10.
The judge pulled a $10 bill out of his pocket, pulled out a pen and began writing:
I also punished the shopkeeper for calling the police and handing over the hungry boy. If the fine is not paid within an hour, the business will be closed.
The judge apologized to the boy and gave him all the money he had collected.
After the verdict was announced, people in the courtroom had tears in their eyes.
The judge added:
If someone is caught stealing bread, everyone in this community and this country should be ashamed!

Source: Telegram October 26, 2023 7:33 p.m.

Inflation is also theft. If official inflation is 10%, your $100 will only be worth $90 within a year. In our subjective opinion, the loss of value of the money is significantly higher. Think about how much we could buy for $100 two years ago and how much today.

Hyperinflation. Price of 1 kg of bread in Germany 1919 – 1924.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
Email: worldscam3@gmail.com

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